Colwood Pool Leak Detection

Swimming pools add a lot to both homes and businesses throughout Colwood BC. Instead of only being used during the summer months, pools in BC can be used all year long. A leak will not only bring your summer fun to a halt, it can hurt your home or business at any time of year. If you suspect that you are experiencing water loss or have caught sight of a physical crack or tear in a pool liner, call a Puddle Pro immediately. If left unattended a pool leak will become worse over time so book your Colwood pool leak detection at the first sign of trouble to avoid severe damage and costly repairs.

Leak Detection in Pools: How to Track Down Leaks

The first step to tracking down swimming pool leaks is to figure out if you are even dealing with a leak in the first place. As a pool owner, you probably already know that a little water loss is common, especially during the height of summer. When temperatures are high, pool water is expected to drop by several inches over the course of the week. This water loss can be exacerbated by high traffic and bodies moving in and out of the water, as well as lots of splashing.

One way of measuring whether or not you have a leak, is if you are losing water at an irregular rate is known as the bucket test.The idea behind a bucket test is that water in a bucket will evaporate at the same rate as water in a pool as long as there is nothing else to disturb it. If water is dropping in your pool much faster than it is in the bucket, you are dealing with a leak. Another symptom of a water leak is an increase in your water bill but it can take a while for this to be noticeable. If the bucket test is positive, it is time to locate the leak!

Leaks can occur in several areas of your pool. Physical damage can mean cracks and breakage that lead to water loss. These are often visible and usually occur after a storm. If you are dealing with a plumbing leak or an underground leak, it is more difficult to track down. Luckily, our team of Puddle Pros have a solution for each.

Pressure testing applies a constant flow of air to pipes. If there are leaks inside lines you will see bubbling and in the event of an underground leaks, soil will become saturated and you will hear gurgling. A dye test is best suited for structural leaks. Because dye is heavier than water, it will be sucked up into leaking areas, all you have to do is follow the leeching colour. It is best to do this with the pool pump off so water flow is only caused by drainage.

Over time, leaking water will displace soil under and around swimming pools, will put added pressure on water systems and internal components and will drive up daily running costs. As soil is displaced it will disperse weight unevenly and can lead to unexpected breakage and even worse leaks.

Swimming Pool Leak Detection: The Puddle Process

When dealing with a pool, water levels are key indicators that there is trouble in paradise. Even in a smart home, there is no water sensor that will monitor water loss and be able to track down where leaks have formed. Luckily, local pool specialists are able to track down leaks in both inground and above ground pools and in residential and commercial spaces. The longer that you wait, the higher the risk of serious damage so quick action is key to a successful leak repair.

Each member of the Puddle team is local to the Colwood area, so we understand how to track leaks and the most common causes for water loss. Don’t treat water loss with a refill when you can call a local pool pro to track your leak and help to organize leak repair. From plumbing leaks, tree roots and tears in pool liners, we can diagnose all sorts of issues. In addition to local knowledge, Puddle technicians have years of experience and extensive training under their belts, so nothing gets by us!

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