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Common Causes of Cloudy Water

There is nothing better than diving into a pool full of crystal clear water, but for property owners, this is easier said than done. Whether you are responsible for a backyard pool or a high traffic hot tub, cloudy water is a common but unfortunate reality. It is obvious that cloudy pool water is a problem, but it isn’t always easy to know what brought it on. 

For an in-ground or above ground pool, cloudy water is a real issue, so our Puddle Pool specialists have created a quick guide to the most common reasons this might happen. 

Diagnosing Your Problem Areas

When you notice that water is less than clear you are more than likely dealing with: poor filtration, low chlorine levels, poor water chemistry and contaminants. While each of these have the same symptoms, the causes for these issues are much different. 

Poor Filtration: The filtration system around your pool or hot tub does often not get the attention that it deserves but it really is the heart of pools, hot tubs and water features. If circulation systems are not functioning at full capacity, it cannot remove those tiny particles and contaminants floating in your water. Regular cleaning can help to keep your system running smoothly but there are still a few things to watch out for: 

Clogs & Build-Up: Clogs occur when filters haven’t been cleaned for a while. The only way to fix this is with an in-depth cleaning process involving backwashing, and cleaning or replacing cartridge filters. 

Run Filters: Your pool filters are there for a reason! When you are trying to fix cloudy pool water, run the pump! All water should run through the filter system for 8-12 hours a day. 

Low Chlorine Levels: Your pool pump is a great method for pushing pool chemicals throughout your system. When there is not enough free chlorine in your system or your distribution system is affected, it means bacteria is building in your system. “Free chlorine” refers to the amount of available chlorine in your system that can be used to sanitize water. Sweat, sunblock and other bodily contaminants are always impacting your water levels so it is important to always have a sufficient amount of chlorine on the go. 

Test Free Chlorine Levels: The best defence is a good offence and that means constant monitoring of your levels. If levels are low, a shock treatment can pick them back up. Our team of experts highly recommend a weekly shock treatment during peak pool use seasons. 

Balance Water Chemistry: It is important to keep track of pool chemicals but it is also important to consider the other aspects of chemistry. High levels of pH, calcium hardness and total alkalinity levels all have an impact on your space. If water becomes imbalanced, it can lead to scaling on surfaces and plumbing. A simple test kit can point to any glaring flaws in water balance but when you want to solve these problems, just call a Puddle Pool Pro. 

Calling in the Pros: The Best Result for Your Swimming Pool & Hot Tub 

While it is possible to spot cloudy water by eyesight, this is only the beginning of your cleaning and care. It is possible to visit a supply store for a pool clarifier or test kit, but solving these issues take time, experience and technique. With so many causes of cloudy pool water in play at one time, it is always better to consult an expert.

With options to book your pool services by phone or online, there is never a bad time to reach out to our experts. With information at the ready 24 hours a day, there is always something new to learn about your system. From the bottom of your pool to the top, our specialists have seen it all. Say goodbye to cloudy water and hello to crystal clear swimming with a bit of help from our experienced crew. 

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