Innisfil Pool Leak Detection

On average a swimming pool is holding thousands of gallons of water at any given time. Even a pinhole leak will result in serious water loss which is a major problem for water systems themselves, as well as surrounding areas. There is no amount of basement waterproofing services that can protect your space from an onslaught of displaced pool water! When you want to protect your property, reduce bills and prolong the lifespan of your swim space, call Puddle for your Innisfil pool leak detection.

Pool leak detection is a complicated process that should always be done by an expert. Taking an amateur approach to tracking down a leak in your pool can mean prolonging the problem and allowing things to get worse. Instead of struggling through trial and error or a DIY disaster, call a Puddle Pro to identify leaks, isolate problem areas and organize necessary leak repair services.

Identifying Swimming Pool Leaks: How to Spot a Problem

Part of standard pool maintenance is making sure that your water levels are where they need to be. Water levels will drop naturally due to high use and evaporation caused by high heats but there is a certain point when pool owners should be concerned and that is upwards of 3-5 inches of water loss per week. Big events like a pool party or the occasional heat wave can cause big swings in terms of water level changes but if your levels drop more than 5 inches a week without reason, you are likely dealing with a leak.

Leak detection in pools means having to asses and inspect surfaces for obvious leaks, as well as plumbing and equipment. Visible leaks usually occur in the form of slab leaks following physical trauma, or in the case of vinyl liners, exposure to debris. There are plenty of areas that are prone to leaking but these are not all visible from the surface and that is where testing comes in!

Pressure Testing: In order to track down leaks inside your plumbing system, pressure testing is the way to go. This involves applying a stream of pressurized air to plumbing and return lines. If this air stream encounters a crack or leak, it will create air bubbles that can be followed or, in the event of an underground leak, will produce gurgling sounds that can be tracked with specialized listening equipment.

Dye Testing: A dye test involves switching off the pool pump and waiting for water to become stagnant. From here, coloured dyes are strategically placed throughout pool basins. When a leak forms, it creates a vacuum around it that sucks up water and displaces it. Because dyes weigh more than pool water alone, they are attracted to the vacuum created by the leak. This can be caused by a tear in a pool liner or crack in concrete pools.

In addition to noticing water loss in pool basins, it is important to keep an eye on your water bill. If you notice that your utility bills or daily running costs are on the rise, it might be a good idea to look into your swimming pool. Every area of a pool is vulnerable to leaks, from plumbing lines to the water heater so it is important to know what to look for. Puddle Pros provide expert Canadian leak detection services that focus on the common problem areas within your community, as well as the more unusual areas for water loss.

Puddle Pool Care: Excellent Results At Any Time of Year

Taking care of a pool is a complex process and does not come with a lot of downtime. From routine cleaning programs, seasonal care, inspections and leak detection, there is always something to be done and our technicians are here to help! By offering a variety of testing options, our highly trained and experienced technicians are able to track down even the smallest leaks, in hard to reach areas. With options to book services by-phone and online, customers can reach out to our Puddle Pros 24 hours a day.

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