Ladner Pool Leak Detection

If your pool is leaking, it will do more than ruin your summer fun. Persistent leaks will cause damage to structures and surrounding areas, as well as driving up water bills and making it impossible to balance water. Even a small leak will lead to big damage, so call a Puddle Pro at the first sign of a struggle. Professional Ladner pool leak detection identifies where leaks are located, as well as isolating the area that they can be found in for the best results, done quickly.

A bit of water loss is normal in swimming pools. This comes from evaporation, as well as bodies getting in and out of the water and, of course, a bit of splashing here and there. On average, this does not account for more than 3 inches of water loss per week. If your pool loses more water than that, it is a good idea to call a pool to identify leaks and track down impacted areas.

Swimming Pool Leak Detection: How to Spot a Problem

If you are noticing that your water bills are on the rise and pool water is dropping regularly, there is a good chance that you are dealing with a leak in your pool. As a pool owner, you understand just how dangerous even a pinhole leak can be. There are plenty of ways that leaks can happen, from physical damage, corroded pipes, torn pool liners and issues in plumbing lines. With so many vulnerable areas, it can be difficult to identify whether or not you have a leak, never mind tracking it down.

A smart home might have sensors and automated features indoors there is no feature that can signal a leak in a swimming pool and it definitely can’t track it down. If you begin to notice air bubbles or can see physical cracks or breakage it is a sign that you are dealing with a structural leak. These can be easy to spot or small and harder to pick up on visually. In an in-ground pool cracks and leaks can be underground, so without proper detection, these can go undetected over long periods.

The main ways to determine if you are dealing with a leak are water loss, as well as increased water bills but there is also the bucket test. The bucket test is designed to measure natural evaporation and water loss compared to water loss caused by a leak. It consists of a bucket of pool water being set out next to the pool. The water in the bucket should reduce at the same rate as it does in the pool. If the water in the pool drops quickly or in higher quantities, you are dealing with a leak.

Once you’ve established whether or not your pool water is leaking out, it is time to locate the leak. Pressure testing is the best option for locating plumbing leaks while dye tests are better for structural leaks. Working with air and coloured dyes might seem simple but nothing could be further from the truth. In order for dyes to be functional, pool pumps need to be turned off and colour needs to be strategically placed. Constant air flow can help to create bubbles which alert technicians to structural leaks while listening equipment can help to track down underground leaks where soil is saturated.

Leak Detection in Pools: How Puddle Gets Things Done

If you suspect that you are dealing with leaks, there is no one better to call than your local pool experts. Puddle Pros are highly trained and experienced in identifying and tracking down leaks in structures, plumbing and even pool equipment. By coming equipped with multiple ways of tracking down leaks, our experts are ready for anything in any environment. By providing leak detection in above ground pools, as well as in-ground models around both homes and commercial spaces. A leak can’t be spotted and repaired in 24 hours but Puddle technicians get the ball rolling in a timely way so you aren’t dealing with unnecessary damage.

Each member of the Puddle team is local to the Ladner area and are highly experienced in all makes and models of swimming pools, hot tubs and swim spas. Technicians are also fully insured to protect service areas, surrounding areas and our Puddle crews themselves.

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