Ottawa Pool Leak Detection

Canada’s capital city is full of swimming pools. A great pool can attract visitors or make your backyard the place to be but a leak can put a stop to the fun! If your swimming pool is leaking it doesn’t only impact the pool itself but takes a huge toll on the surrounding area. When you want to avoid severe water loss and the damage that comes along with it, call a Puddle Pro at the first sign of a leak. Professional Ottawa pool leak detection identifies problem areas and isolates them for expert repairs.

Leak detection in pools is often trickier than tracking down a leak indoors. Instead of having to worry about a single pipe in a single area, there are multiple areas that can be experiencing waster loss. It might take a while to realize that you are dealing with a leak but this isn’t enough to solve your problem. When done by an expert, leak detection services can help to confirm whether or not you are dealing with a leak, as well as isolating the area so it can be repaired.

Is Your Pool Leaking? Identifying Problem Areas

The summer season often means high traffic for pools and hot tubs. In a high heat, high traffic environment it can be difficult to diagnose whether or not you are even dealing with a leak. Between evaporation and bodies exiting and reentering swim spaces, your pool is losing water. Evaporation is normal but it can often be confused for a leak or even cover up a leak! Instead of making assumptions and risking damage, call a Puddle Pro to diagnose your issue.

If there is a tear in your vinyl liner, it can often be easily repaired with a vinyl patch but there are plenty of areas in your pool that are prone to leaks. Professional pool leak detection examines structures, pool equipment and plumbing lines to ensure that there aren’t any small leaks hiding out behind the scenes.

The first step to any leak detection process is to determine whether it is your plumbing leaking or a structural issue. There isn’t much point in tearing apart plumbing when you are dealing with a tear in your pool liner. Luckily, our team of Puddle technicians are able to identify what type of leak you are dealing with and isolate the affected areas.

Pressure Testing: When testing for leaks inside plumbing and return lines it is best to use consistent air flow, otherwise known as a pressure test. This process involves applying a consistent stream of air flow to plumbing. If there is a leak, this flow will create air bubbles or in the case of saturated soil, air will displace dirt and cause gurgling sounds. These sounds can be tracked with speciality listening tools.

Dye Testing: This type of testing is best suited for tracking down structural leaks. Turning off the pool pump stops water from moving. When water is still, coloured dyes can then be strategically placed. Because dye weighs more than pool water, it will be sucked up into the vacuum created by a leak and can be tracked visually.

Puddle Pool Care: Getting the Ball Rolling On Your Leak Detection and Repair

Leak repairs are complicated processes but you can’t get started on fixing your water system without isolating the affected areas. You often can’t go from detection services to leak repairs in a period of 24 hours and that is all the more reason to call an expert at the first sign of an issue. A water leak in an above ground pool will often flood surfaces while an inground pool allows water to saturate ground water. If pool water is unleashed into soil, it will cause shifting which will displace earth, putting unnecessary weight and pressure on vulnerable areas that can lead to cracking. A water leak also puts unnecessary wear and tear on internal water systems, causing components to wear down and need to be replaced.

Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained and experienced, as well as being outfitted with all of the top tools of the trade. This means Puddle customers are getting the best possible results and peace of mind that there are no leaks that are being overlooked within their system.

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Erin Copeland
5 out of 5

We own a commercial property with an indoor pool and hot tub. We switched over pool maintenance companies about 6 months ago, from another company in Ottawa to Puddle Pools. We have been incredibly impressed with the service that we receive from both Zach and Richard. They have been incredibly responsive to all of our questions and are quick to take action whenever we encounter an issue, whether it is big or small. They also perform weekly routine maintenance on our pool and spa and they are always on time, courteous, professional and dependable. We are so happy to have found Puddle Pools and highly recommend them!

5 out of 5

Called Puddle Pools Ottawa and consulted about changing out old for a new pool liner. Richard and Zachary answered all of my questions and earned my business. We couldn’t be happier so far! They did great and the pool looks amazing!

Akram Saleh
5 out of 5

My experience with Puddle Pools was nothing short of spectacular, a true highlight in my homeownership journey. Initially, I was on the fence about who to trust with my pool liner replacement, especially given the tricky timing towards the end of fall last year. Yet, Puddle Pools stood out not just for their competitive quotes but for their unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Zach, my point of contact, was a pivotal figure throughout this process. He epitomized professionalism and warmth, making what could have been a stressful endeavor feel like a walk in the park. His prompt responses and understanding nature underscored the company's customer-first ethos, making me feel valued and heard at every turn. The reasonability of their quotes was the first sign that I had struck gold with Puddle Pools. In a sector where costs can spiral, their straightforward and fair pricing was a welcome change. It’s refreshing to find a company that aligns its interests so closely with those of its clients, ensuring you get the best bang for your buck. The quality of their work speaks volumes, proving that they don't just meet expectations—they soar above them. Given the stellar outcome of the liner replacement, I didn't hesitate to entrust them with the installation of a pool safety cover. Once more, they exceeded my expectations, reinforcing my decision to look nowhere else for pool-related services. In summary, if you're in Ottawa and pondering over pool services, let me save you some time: Puddle Pools is the answer. Their blend of exemplary service, fair pricing, and superior work quality places them a cut above the rest. I'm beyond satisfied with their service and eagerly anticipate continuing this relationship for all my pool needs. A heartfelt thank you to Zach and the Puddle Pools team for a remarkable job well done!

ram rathiesh
5 out of 5

Had puddle pool to do our in-ground pool liner. Great service, Richard and Zach was very helpful and they explained how the work is going be and it was a hassle free experience from them and just got our pool ready on time. Thank you so much for you quick service. I will be recommending puddle pools to our friends

Patrick Ferreira
5 out of 5

Richard was the representative that came to close our family pool. Richard was extremely knowledgeable, professional, and had tremendous patience for every question I had. He responded with detailed responses and took the time to show me what he was explaining. Would strongly recommend this company for all your pool openings and closing! Have already asked to be placed on the list for the next fall closing.

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