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Nothing adds appeal to a property like a swimming pool does. When you are in the market for a new home or are looking to invest in a commercial space, a pool is a major selling feature. Whether you are selling a property or are looking for a new place to call home, no one wants to hear that their new pool is damaged or not working properly. Instead of taking the risk on unexpected damage, call a Puddle technician for an in-depth inspection of your system. Professional Abbotsford pool inspections inspect and test water systems and perform visual inspections of structures to confirm that swimming pools are functional and looking good.

What is Included in a Level 1 Pool Inspection?

When you are looking for your dream home, it is important to note that basic home inspections often do not include pools and water systems. The most common times to call an expert for a pool inspection are during the sale or purchase of a new property. It is also possible for pool owners to call an expert if they suspect there is something wrong with their current water systems.

Purchasing a new home is an investment and no one wants to finalize a sale only to find out that pools are not working. Swimming pool inspections performed by a trained expert can help to identify problem areas and notify both buyers and sellers before anything is finalized or issues become worse. The best way to get a read on the overall condition of a swim space is through a Level 1 inspection.

Visual Inspections of Structures & Liners: Loose or missing tiles around pools are a risk to health and safety and can end up allowing water to seep under surrounding tiles, causing damage. In the case of vinyl liners, tears do happen. A small tear in a liner can be patched/repaired but if overlooked, tears become bigger and are more costly to repair or even replace.

Inspect Water Systems: Without a functional circulation system, pool water will just sit stagnant. Stagnant water is more at risk for algae growth, bacteria build-up, cloudiness or discolouration. If pool pumps are failing, chemicals and sanitizers cannot circulate and water quality will begin to drop.

Inspect Safety Features: Both in-ground and above ground pools are often equipped with safety features like railings. Checking the stability of railings and surrounding areas provides peace of mind to property owners that pools can be used safely without with risk of slips and falls.

Level 1 inspections are designed to test functionality and provide an overview of condition. These do not come with full reports and cannot be used for the purposes of insurance claims, coverage or engineering and structural purposes. By inspecting structures, internal components, mechanisms and equipment, repairs can be organized where necessary. Having an expert inspect a pool, spa or hot tubs provides peace of mind to buyers and can help sellers build repairs or replacements into pricing.

In order to bring peace of mind, the technicians at Puddle Pool Services provide in-depth inspections for residential and commercial pools all across the Abbotsford area.

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