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Whenever you suspect that there is a leak in your swimming pool, quick action is key to avoiding an expensive disaster. The average pool can hold thousands of litres of water at a time, so even a small leak can lead to significant water loss and potential damage. Every swim space is unique in its own way and that means needing multiple avenues to test and track down leaks. Puddle pool leak detection services offer a wide range of methods to detail the specifics of your leak and how to solve the problem.

Leak Detection in Pools: Why Even a Small Leak is a Big Problem

It is easy to overlook a leaky sink for a while but if you suspect that your pool is losing water, quick action is key to avoiding serious damage. A leaky pool will have obvious and significant signs of water loss, namely lower water levels. It is common for water to drop several inches over the course of the week due to evaporation and a bit of splashing but significant drops in water are a sign of trouble.

Leaks will strain circulation systems, putting undue wear and tear on internal components, as well as putting unequal pressure on shells, risking structural damage. A leaking pool will also make it impossible to balance chemicals, with costly chemical treatments seeping out right as you put them in. In a short term scenario leaks can damage yards and areas around swim spaces, killing off grass, leaving bald patches behind and ruining landscaping. Over time, leaks can damage the structure of not only pools but of home’s foundations as well.

In addition to causing damage, swimming pool leaks will lead to higher water bills and an increase in your daily running costs. Even a smart home can’t detect leaks in a pool liner, structure or plumbing line.

Pressure Testing: is a key component of pool leak detection practices. This practice is crucial to determining if the leak is coming from a section of plumbing or the shell itself and tracking down the location of a leak. Even if you have an idea of where leaks are coming from, it is a good idea to test all pluming lines. When you pressure test plumbing, it is possible to determine whether the issue is in a plumbing line or there is an issue with the structure of your pool. By texting various areas, local pool technicians are able to isolate problem areas, so they can be isolated and addressed.

If there is a plumbing leak, a constant flow of air is added to lines, The air combined with water and/or water-logged soil will make gurgling sounds that can be tracked using electronic listening devices. This process will help to find underground leaks that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Dye Testing: Coloured dyes are used to identify leaks in shells or structural components like lighting fixtures. Dyes are heavier than pool water so when added to a system they are visibly sucked into cracks or wherever leaks are suspected. Different coloured dyes are more appropriate for different materials and colour palettes. Precise placement is key for dyes to be effective. Dye testing works on all types of pools ranging from vinyl, fibreglass and cement. 

Call Local Puddle Pros For Your Swimming Pool Leak Detection

No matter where you find them, leaks are a serious issue. A bit of water might not seem like a big deal, after all, it’s just water but even a small drip can lead to a big headache. When dealing with a swimming pool even 24 hours can mean serious water loss, so it is important to call in professional leak detection right away. If your water level begins to drop don’t wait, call an expert for your water leak detection. Our Puddle Pros provide leak detection for inground and above ground pools.

Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained and experienced, as well as being fully insured to provide peace of mind and excellent results. In addition to pinpointing the location of your water loss, our experts can help to organize leak repair.

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