Waterford Pool Leak Detection

Swimming pool leaks are a major problem for any home or business. More than being inconvenient a small leak will become a huge headache overtime. The average swimming pool will hold thousands of gallons of water so even a pinhole leak will result in severe water loss that will lead to water damage, flooding and even structural damage. Don’t wait for the worst-case scenario when you can call a Puddle Pro for timely, efficient and affordable Waterford pool leak detection.

Identifying water loss is one thing but when you need to find a leak in your pool it is a different story all together! One of the things that makes leak detection in pools so difficult is that there are so many different places that water systems can spring a leak. There is a big different between managing a plumbing leak versus a structural one or a faulty piece of pool equipment. Having an expert diagnose your water leak helps to streamline necessary repairs or replacements, stopping existing issues from becoming worse.

Pool Leak Detection: Identifying Signs of a Leak

You wouldn’t call in professional swimming pool leak detection services unless you thought that you were dealing with water loss. The fact is that some water loss is normal! It is common for pool owners to have to grab a garden hose and refill water levels. High heats will burn off chemicals and cause a drop in water level while high traffic swimming days mean bodies are carrying pool water out with them. This often results in a roughly three inch drop in water level but if you are dealing with much more than that or are having to refill your swimming pool on a daily basis, you are likely dealing with a leak.

There are a couple of other ways that you can determine if you are dealing with a leak. If your water bills are getting higher it could be due to consistent and significant water loss. In some cases you might begin to notice that there are puddles forming in surrounding areas. A bit of pooling water might happen following a heavy rain but if there isn’t a reason for pooling water, your pool should be the prime suspect.

Puddle Pool Services: The Best in Canadian Leak Detection

Once you have identified that you are dealing with a leak in your swimming pool, it is important to figure out where your leak is coming from. If you have a vinyl liner, it could be something as small as a tear that can be easily repaired or it may be something more serious like a corroded pipe or root damage. Luckily, Puddle technicians have the tools and techniques to identify what type of leak you are dealing with and isolate the problem area.

A pressure test is used to identify leaks in plumbing and lines, while a dye test is best used for structural issues. Pressure testing operates by applying a steady stream of air flow to plumbing and return lines. In the event that there is a leak, you will see air bubbles forming or in the event of an underground leak, you might hear gurgling coming up from saturated soils. A dye test is the process of strategically placing coloured dyes into water. If the pool pump is off and water is sitting still, dye will still be sucked into the vacuum created by a leak. If that leak is in a pool liner or comes from a crack in structures, it is possible to visually track these problem areas.

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