Waterford Pool Cleaning

Having a pool adds enjoyment and curb appeal to any home and it can draw customers into commercial spaces. There are a ton of benefits to having a swimming pool but maintenance isn’t one of them. Keeping water systems running smoothly means balancing water, ditching debris, and testing the internal systems that keep water flowing. Calling an expert for your Waterford pool cleaning means getting the best results without sacrificing your leisure time.

You don’t want to miss out on the swim season because you are too busy skimming, scrubbing and water balancing. An amateur approach will eat up your free time but it will also end with subpar results. Professional pool care gets the best results with every service.

Pool Care: A Multi-Step Approach

In order to get the best results for your water system processes will need to be broken down into multiple steps. Anyone can flip the switch on a robotic pool cleaner and hope that it is enough to get rid of debris but this often isn’t the case. Automatic cleaners are made in standard shapes that are not designed to reach hard angles like corners or around stairs. This creates pockets for bacteria and algae growth but our Gorillas have the right tools to dig deep into systems, cleaning out debris and making sure everything is flowing smoothly.

Water Care: Balancing pool water requires more than throwing in a chlorine puck or shock treatment every now and then. In order to maintain clean and inviting water it is important to apply a variety of pool chemicals to balance chlorine levels, pH levels, alkalinity and calcium. A simple testing kit can point out problem areas with sanitizer levels but they can’t help you solve them.

Debris Removal: No one wants to step foot in a swimming pool with a blanket of leaves or bugs bobbing along water surfaces. Removing both floating and sunken items from the bottom of the pool not only improves visuals, it actually contributes to water balance as well. If heavy items sink down to pool bottoms and they rest on vinyl liners, leaving permanent staining behind. Specialty manual vacuums reach into corners and tough angles removing unwanted items, while brushes wipe away residue and technicians empty out skimmer baskets.

Pool Circulation & Filtration Systems: Even freshly cleaned water won’t stay that way for long if it is just sitting stagnant. When pool pumps are working, they are pushing chemical treatments throughout the entire pool basin. Without this, bacteria will take over, contaminating water all over again. Pool filters are important to keeping water clean but they do become clogged up or full over time. The most common type of filter systems out there are cartridge and salt. Monitoring a pressure gauge is a great way to tell if salt filters need to be emptied and replaced with fresh sand, while a visual inspection of a cartridge filter details whether it should be removed, cleaned and replaced.

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Care & Cleaning Throughout Waterford

Not all pool cleaning services are equal. After years of experience and on-going training, Puddle technicians provide top service all throughout Ontario. With options for routine pool care on a weekly or bi-weekly basis (during the off-season), as well as seasonal treatments like a pool opening or closing, and service calls, there is never a bad time to call a Puddle technician. Our experts are trained to clean and maintain all styles and types of pool.

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