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After a long winter, pool owners want to have their systems up and running as soon as the weather gets warm. Firing up your water system too early can result in damage and the need for costly repairs, while waiting too long can mean missing out on the first warm days of spring/summer. Instead of risking a DIY disaster, let an expert set you up for a successful swim season. Professional Waterford pool opening services restore condition, keep systems running smoothly and create sanitary swim spaces for an affordable price. 

When you want to open your pool the right way, all it takes is one call to a Puddle Pro. After months of sitting stagnant swimming pools will likely be full of debris, algae and will have buildup inside water lines. In order to create a clean and inviting swim space, it is important to treat swimming pools, inside and out. 

How to Open Your Pool for the Season 

During the height of summer pool maintenance is a top priority for both homes and businesses but as temperatures drop, swim spaces get less attention. This often means going into the off-season with debris already in your system and imbalanced water chemistry. Add a few months of disuse onto that and you are dealing with a big problem! 

The first step to opening a pool for the season is to undo your closing practices. Winterizing plugs, for example, is common practice during fall but for water to pass through freely, they need to be opened back up in spring. It is common to remove the cover from a sitting pool system to find cloudy or discoloured water, along with algae. In order to get pools ready for use, it is important to follow a multi-step approach: 

Step One: An application of chlorine shock will help to clear cloudy water and begin to deal with algae growth. When dealing with an inground pool, the water level has likely reduced, falling below the skimmer line. If this is the case, it is necessary to refill this water level using a garden hose or with a water truck. In the event that detachable components were removed during closings for cleaning and storing, they will need to be replaced in order to circulate water. This is also the time to scrub residue from walls and steps, vacuum up sunken debris and empty skimmer baskets. 

Step Two: For chemicals to be effective, a pool pump and filter should be fully functional. Inspecting pool equipment is a key component of keeping swim spaces safe for users and running smoothly. Anyone can flip the switch on a pool heater but this doesn’t mean that it is working. An expert will be able to point out problem areas and help to solve any issues. This equipment is not just for internal lines and mechanisms, it includes covers as well. A mesh pool cover is great during spring and summer because it allows sunlight to reach pool water helping to heat it. 

Step Three: Once debris is removed and systems are flowing, it is time to properly balance your pool chemicals. Simple test strips are good for maintaining clean water but these aren’t enough to restore water following the off-season. In order to properly balance water, it is important to consider pH levels, total alkalinity and calcium. Having your water tested by a professional means balanced water but it also means having insight into how to keep it clean and sanitary. 

Puddle Pool Services: Making the Most Out of the Swim Season 

There is no set date to open a pool. Many pool owners choose to open their pools over the course of the May long weekend but the weather can be unpredictable. Instead of relying on a date, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the temperature instead. When the average outdoor temperature reaches 21 degrees, it is time to start the opening process. 

Puddle technicians know how to open above ground pools, as well as inground models. With years of industry experience and training under their belts, Puddle crews know how to handle water systems of all shapes and sizes. In addition to excellent results, our experts bring peace of mind right to your front door with fully insured services. 

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