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Pool owners wait all winter to enjoy their swim space again. As much as you might want to dive on in as soon as the weather turns warm, when opening your pool for summer, it is important to make sure that it is done properly. After long periods of sitting idle, there is a good chance that your pool will be experiencing algae blooms, mold, murky water and even foul smells. Calling a Puddle Pro for your pool opening service can help to ensure that your system is clean and sanitary before you step foot inside.

Seasonal Pool Maintenance: What to Expect

Swimming pool maintenance is a not a seasonal chore, but the needs of your water system do change with the seasons. Depending on the climate that you live in, it is not uncommon to open your pool over the course of the May long weekend, but with expert help, you can open your pool at any time. In order to get the best results for your opening, our experts take a multi-step approach, focusing on the full scope of your system, and not just pool water.

Water Chemistry: In order to protect your pool through winter, it is common to drop the water level to protect your filtration system, pumps and motors. Anything that was done during a pool closing needs to be reversed, so that means filling your pool back up. Once your water level is raised, it is time for a chlorine shock, and pool cleaning. This means starting the season with a clean slate by calling a Puddle Pro to vacuum the pool, scrub sides and ensure there is no bacteria or residue left behind.

Inner Workings and Mechanisms: Over a long period of disuse, it is important to inspect your pool pump and filter. Cold temperatures can freeze small collections of water inside pipes. This freezing, contracting and expanding can cause significant damage to construction materials. Plastics can become brittle, metals can become rusted or deformed, and will cause a negative impact that has a ripple effect throughout your system.

Pool Equipment: In preparation for cold weather, there was likely quite a bit done to protect the structural and mechanical components of your pool system. You might have called someone out for winterizing plugs and changing over to a winter pool cover. It is important to switch these back over before using your pool. Everything from dive boards to the winterized pool cover can be holding onto bacteria, algae or mold, so it is important to clean these off before they can contaminant fresh water.

Calling a Puddle Pro can not only get your pool or hot tub ready for summer, they can help to prolong the lifespan of your system as a whole. A trained eye can inspect your filter system, pumps, motors, equipment and more, ensuring that there was no damage done over the winter season. Save yourself time, money and stress by having an expert handle your seasonal pool care. Let us help you make the most out of your swimming season.

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