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When it comes to summer fun, nothing beats a swimming pool. As soon as the weather starts to get warm pool owners are eager to fire up their water systems but there is a lot of work that has to be done before that. If your swim space has spent the last few months hidden away under a winter cover, you are likely going to be left dealing with a swamp. Don’t get stuck dealing with dirty water when you can call Puddle for reliable and affordable Fort Erie pool opening services. 

No matter how you look at it, spring pool care is no picnic. Even with a pool cover on, there is likely a thick blanket of leaves, sticks and other unwanted items built up at the bottom of your pool. Getting rid of these unwanted items improves visuals but that doesn’t mean pool water is safe to swim in. Instead of just throwing in a shock treatment and hoping for the best, let an expert open your pool for the season. 

Spring Pool Care: The Best Way to Open a Swimming Pool For the Season 

It is pretty obvious that you should clean your pool when it is full of leaves, sticks, algae growth or when water starts to get cloudy. After months of sitting idle, a standard pool cleaning won’t be enough to make a pool usable. Instead, it requires a multi-step approach that cleans pools from the ground, up. 

The first step to opening a swimming pool for use is to undo all of the steps involved in a pool closing. For example, winterizing plugs prevents water flow. If you don’t restore the water level or open drain plugs chemical treatments won’t be able to circulate. It is important to restore water and replace any components that were removed so water systems are able to function properly. 

Treat Pool Water: When opening up after a long winter you are likely dealing with green or cloudy water. It is important to apply an initial shock treatment to clear away some of this cloudiness. Once you can see the bottom of the pool, it is time to remove debris. As soon as unwanted items have been removed, it is time to apply another round of pool chemicals. 

Ditch Debris: There is no limit to the type of debris that can end up in your pool water. The most common contaminants are leaves, sticks, tree needles, seed pods, or pollen but it isn’t unusual to have to deal with insects or even rodents, as well. Manual vacuums are needed to remove debris from the bottom of the pool and anything that has been pushed into corners or other hard angles. Speciality brushes remove residue from pool walls and skimmer baskets should be emptied and scrubbed clean for a fresh start to the season. 

Check Your Pool Equipment: During spring and summer it is better to use a mesh pool cover instead of a solid one. This allows sunlight to reach water surfaces and helps with the heating process. This is also an ideal time to inspect and clean accessories and pool decks for any visible safety issues. This can include anything from loose railings or ladders, broken tiles and algae growth on diving boards that can make them slippery. 

Final Water Balancing: Getting pool water ready for use isn’t as simple as topping it up with a garden hose and diving on in. Many pool owners get focused on chlorine levels alone but there is a lot more to it than that. Sanitary pool water means balancing sanitizers like chlorine or bromine, as well as pH levels, alkalinity and calcium. 

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Openings Help You Make the Most Out of the Swim Season 

There is a big difference between basic testing kits and having your pool water tested by an expert. Without extensive technical skill and know-how the opening process can take days or even weeks before water is clean and sanitary. This means missing out on the first warm days of spring. An amateur approach can extend your opening but leaving it to a professional means efficient and thorough pool care. 

Each member of the Puddle team is local to Fort Erie and surrounding areas so we know what your swim spaces are up against and we know the best time to open up your pool. Our pool experts provide peace of mind with excellent customer service, highly trained and experienced crews, as well as fully insured staff and services. 

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