Fort Erie Hot Tub Maintenance

There is nothing worse than planning on using your spa after a long day of work only to pull back your hot tub cover to find a swamp. Because tubs are covered for the majority of the time, it is tough to pinpoint exactly when water contamination begins. Even one missed chemical treatment can lead to cloudy water, discolouration, bad smells, algae, white mold and other unpleasant surprises. Calling Puddle for your Fort Erie hot tub maintenance means crystal clear water and smooth running systems so you can kick back and relax. 

There is no one secret to keeping a hot tub clean — there are dozens! It can take weeks, months — or even years! — to figure out what makes your water system tick. During this period of trial and error you are dealing with contaminants and potential damage. Instead of struggling to keep up with the needs of your system, call Puddle for the best results, the first time around. 

Hot Tub Care: What to Know 

When you are dealing with complex water systems, it is important to break the cleaning process down into steps, each of which addresses a different area of your hot tub. This process means an in-depth clean inside and out, from top to bottom and at any time of year. 

Water Balance: You wouldn’t swim in someone else’s bathwater but if you don’t have balanced water chemistry, that is exactly what you are doing. A simple test kit can point out issues with sanitizer levels but they often don’t dive deeper and they definitely don’t tell you how to correct any issues. Instead of playing a guessing game, having water tested by an expert means balancing of sanitizers like chlorine or bromine, as well as pH levels, total alkalinity and calcium. 

Getting Rid of Dirt & Debris: Even with a spa cover on, unwanted items have a way of sneaking inside. Unlike a pool you can’t flip the switch on a vacuum and watch it suck up dirt, debris and leaves from the bottom of your tub. Instead, these small spaces have complicated structures with built in stairs and seats that all need attention. These areas require a manual vacuum that traps debris and allows filtered water to pass through back into the shells. This, combined with emptying floating skimmer baskets and keeping filters clean helps to improve overall function. 

Keep Your Filter Cleaner: It is easy to focus on water chemistry but when you want great results, cleaning the filter is key! Even with regular cleanings and debris removal, there will be bits and pieces left behind that you just can’t reach. These items are trapped by the spa filter. Over time, filters will become clogged and water can’t flow through readily. This means it takes more energy to push water through, which leads to higher utility bills and strain on other important components that keep your water flowing. 

Deep Cleans/System Refreshes: Even with regular cleaning your water condition might start to go south.  All it takes is one missed chemical treatment to result in cloudy or green water and once this happens, a standard cleaning just won’t cut it. A Refresh involves a multi-part application of hot tub chemicals designed to pull bacteria and buildup out of internal water systems and lines. Unwanted items are then deposited back into the hot tub water where it can be drained out. When it is time to drain the hot tub it is important to ensure that you have a proper drainage area to avoid water damage and flooding. Once empty, walls, flooring, jets, headrests and everything in-between are scrubbed. It is then time to refill the hot tub with a garden hose and experts will return to perform a final water balancing. 

Puddle Pool Services: Keep Your Hot Tub Cleaner Than Ever Before 

When you want the best results for your water systems, it’ll take more than a couple of test strips and some white vinegar. In addition to standard cleanings our Puddle Pros provide expert maintenance to keep your systems running smoothly. You might be able to put test strips to use or skim out floating debris but when you want to clean the hot tub filters, or drain and refill your water systems it is always best to call an expert. 

Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained and experienced. After years in the industry, our teams have done and seen it all! Local technicians mean timely services and top customer service. As if that weren’t enough, Puddle is proud to offer affordable rates and transparent pricing so you are never surprised by a higher than expected bill. 

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