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What could be better than having a pool in your own backyard? Whether it is a pool or spa (or both!), water features are a great way to relax and kick back – until it is time to clean them. Caring for a pool means caring for water conditions and chemistry but it also means scrubbing surfaces and prepping your features for a change of season. Don’t spend your time cleaning, when you can pass your residential pool cleaning onto a Puddle Pool Crew!

What We Do

Puddle Pool specialists offer complete maintenance-only care for pools and hot tubs around residential areas. No matter the size, shape or style of your water feature, there is nothing that our team of experts can’t handle. Puddle crews offer year-round cleaning and maintenance services, designed to create healthy swimming environments while prolonging the life of your structures and fixtures.

Instead of just emptying skimmer baskets or repositioning vacuum heads, Puddle Pool crews inspect and treat every aspect of your pool and surrounding areas. A swimming pool cannot function without a great filtration system and proper water chemistry. At Puddle, pool maintenance programs include using top of the line testing kits and tools to ensure that your water is clean, swimmable and free of bacteria.

In addition to caring for water, pool care specialists clean and care for vinyl liners, pool and hot tub covers and pool equipment. A shift in alkalinity can create a corrosive environment for pool equipment, so make sure that you are not at risk for costly repairs and replacements. From ladders to lights and even pool vacuums, regular care protects your outdoor oasis.

With tiered service plans, Puddle Pool crews can help to create a schedule that works for you!

Who We Are

Puddle Pool Services are a locally owned and operated company, committed to keeping our communities clean, one water feature at a time. Puddle Pool crews clean and sanitize pools and hot tubs, indoor and out, providing clients with clean swimming space and peace of mind.

Far from basic cleanings, Puddle Pool specialists don’t quit until the job is done properly. By inspecting pool pumps and performing water testing, experts help to keep pool water clean but it is the thorough inspections that set us apart. When you want results, put the pool vacuum away and call Puddle Pool Services for your pool cleaning needs.

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