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Having a backyard pool can help homeowners relax and enjoy the summer weather but this doesn’t come without a lot of time, energy and effort. Hosting a pool party or backyard barbecue seems like a great idea — until you have to clean up afterward! Balancing chemicals, vacuuming debris and cleaning out skimmer baskets can take a lot of time, but you shouldn’t have to give up your evenings and weekends. Calling an expert for your Toronto residential pool services lets you kick back and relax, while still getting the best results possible.

Unlike a public swim space, homeowners are left on their own when it comes to pool care. It is possible to Google tips and tricks but these are not catered to the unique needs of your system. Everything from surrounding plant life to the weather can play a huge role in the overall condition of your swim space. Using a one size fits all approach can result in subpar results and contaminated water, which is a health risk on its own. Ditch the risk, boost your curb appeal, cut costs on repair expenses and even reduce utility bills with professional pool care at home.

Residential Pool Care: What to Know

Keeping your pool clean can be an everyday chore when only partially done. Taking time to shock your pool can provide a quick improvement, but this is ultimately superficial and doesn’t mean that your pool water is really clean. In order to create a sanitary space for swimmers, it is important to test water regularly, remove debris and inspect the internal components that keep your system running.

Floating & Sunken Debris: Leaves, dirt, seed pods and needles make their way into systems, as well as other unexpected contaminants. This look awful when they are floating along pool surfaces or resting on the bottom of the pool but they can also lead to serious issues within your system. Clogs within the filtration system cause unnecessary strain. When your circulation system has to work harder, it reduces its lifespan, leading to the need for expensive repairs and replacements. Debris that is left sitting on vinyl liners leaves stains behind, wrecking visuals.

Water Chemistry: When taking an amateur approach to pool cleaning, testing kits are one of the first things that homeowners stock up on. Test strips can help to identify obvious issues within your system but proper chemistry often means tweaking, testing and rebalancing as you go. Chlorine levels are important but it is also important to monitor pH levels, as well as alkalinity and even applying algaecides when necessary. Regular care and balancing makes it possible to prevent algae and cloudy water, so have an expert test the water regularly!

Surrounding Areas: Your swimming pool is highly influenced by the area around it. The elements don’t just weigh on your water but on structures and surrounding areas, as well. Cold weather and heavy rain can cause shifting ground, which impacts your structures. Whether it is the structure itself, or liners, it is important to conduct visual inspections of surrounding areas to make sure that you are swimming in a safe environment.

Puddle crews are busy at work providing pool maintenance all over the Toronto area, so your home is never left out in the cold. Fully insured services protect properties, as well as our technicians, so Puddle clients get peace of mind alongside excellent results. When you want crystal clear water, excellent customer service and cost-competitive services, just call a Puddle Pro!

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