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For Ontario residents, winter can feel like it lasts forever. The second that warm weather hits Torontians are dreaming of spending the days poolside, getting some exercise and enjoying the sunshine. As a property owner, it is common to want to have your system up and running as soon as possible, but a rushed opening can lead to big problems. Professional Toronto pool opening services make it possible to have your water systems clean and sanitary just in time for spring!

The city of Toronto experiences heavy environmental shifts throughout the year. Winters are frigid and summers are hot, so pool maintenance is extremely important all through the year. Chances are that your pool was closed down in fall, and likely put on the back burner until higher temperatures came back around. During the cold season, your pool has likely gone cloudy, developed algae or filled up with debris. Instead of struggling to get your swim space back in working order, call a Puddle pro instead!

Spring Pool Care: Making the Most Out of the Swimming Season

Whether your pool is used as a business or for leisure, swim spaces should always be clean and functional. It is easy enough to throw in a few chlorine pucks or a shock treatment but after months of disuse, this is not enough to set your water system right. It is common to remove the cover after winter, only to find cloudy water, algae blooms and a whole lot of debris. A bad visual is one aspect of what is going inside quiet water systems. When opening your pool, it is important to consider both the visible aspects of your pool, as well as the unseen mechanisms.

For swimming pools, opening and closing processes work in tandem. Each of these is important to protecting your pool system throughout a season. Whatever has been done to your pool on closing needs to be undone in spring. This means raising the water level, opening drain plugs, removing debris and scrubbing structures, as well as inspecting and reattaching internal components.

Having debris floating along water surfaces or sunken to pool bottoms not only looks terrible, its bad for your system! Even with an attached winter cover, debris will find its way inside. Anyone can vacuum the pool bottom but clunky designs make it impossible to reach into corners or hard angles, leaving dirt and residue behind. Unwanted items sitting on vinyl liners look awful but they also cause permanent stains. Lighter debris, can also clog up the pump and filter of your system. Blockages can prevent the pool filter from doing its job and causes undue strain, causing premature break down and damage.

Test strips can be a useful indicator of chlorine levels but a balanced pool is dependent on a few different factors. Having pool water tested by an expert can help to identify pH levels, chlorine and sanitizers, total alkalinity and more. In order to get the best results for your opening, it is important to check up on pool equipment and perform visual inspections of liners and surrounding areas. Before you reach for that garden hose or dig deep into skimmer baskets, call a Puddle technician to do the work for you.

Puddle Pool Services: Getting Your Pool Started in Spring

Don’t pull back that pool cover to a nasty surprise when you can call an experienced pool technician instead! After years of experience in the industry, our team of Puddle Pros help clients make the most out of their swim seasons through quick, efficient and cost-effective opening procedures.

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