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Across Toronto, swimming pools are a popular feature for both homes and businesses. An accessible swim space is a huge selling feature but if they are not properly maintained, it is easy for pools, spas and hot tubs to become big liabilities. If you are looking to purchase or sell a property, or are starting to notice issues with your water system, our Puddle Pros provide in-depth assessments for pools. Professional Toronto pool inspections provide insight into overall conditions, including surfaces, pool equipment, water systems and more.

Quick action is key to avoiding disaster. If you begin to notice problems with your existing pool system, it is always better to call an expert for professional pool inspection services. Calling Puddle at the first sign of trouble can help to reduce the risk of costly damage and the expensive repairs that go along with it.

The Benefits of Having An Expert Inspect Your Pool

The most common times for pool inspections are during the sale or purchase of a property with a swimming pool. When buying a home with a pool, you want to make sure that you are making a sound investment and when selling, you want to make sure that you will not be dealing with the fall-out of a faulty water system after sales are finalized.

It is common practice for home buyers to book a home inspector before a sale. This will provide peace of mind and give insight into overall property condition but a standard home inspection often does not include swimming pools. Swimming pool inspections should include the condition of pool water, basins, liners, internal components, safety issues and pool equipment.

Visual inspections of swim spaces help to identify brittle plastics, worn areas and small tears in liners. Being able to identify small issues before they become disasters can help to avoid wide-scale damage. Most pools come equipped with safety features like railings and ladders, as well as additional equipment like diving boards or slides. Ensuring that these are properly secured eliminates the health and safety risk associated with swimmers pulling one of these over on themselves.

Taking a look at water systems can be confusing without the appropriate technical knowledge. Puddle pool inspectors are able to test individuals components like heaters, pool pumps, return lines and more, ensuring that water is flowing smoothly. Inspection results can help to assess to needs of a swim space and help in determining when and how repairs should/could be done and whether or not it is an investment that you want to make.

Level I pool inspections do not come along with written repairs but offer insights into condition and can help to identify safety issues, prolong the lifespan of components and avoid unnecessary costly repairs and replacements.

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