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Managing a pool is about more than just filling it with water. Filling up a pool or hot tub is as simple as grabbing a garden hose and turning a tap, but taking care of your water feature becomes much more complicated after that. Keeping your pool clean requires a lot of time, energy and a whole lot of technical learning, which can take away from the needs of an already busy schedule. Calling in a professional pool for your Toronto pool cleaning service means being on top of the needs of your water feature, at all times.

Taking pool maintenance and care into your own hands often means subpar results, but it also means giving up your free time, opens the door to health hazards and can lead to damaged equipment. Instead of risking vital aspects of your pool, such as your filtration system, an expert can provide insight into many issues, both present and future, that might impact your system.

Maintaining Your Pool Water & Systems

When you think pool cleaning, the first thing to come to mind is likely a skimmer. These simple tools are made up of a long handled and mesh screens, designed to collect floating debris from surfaces. This is one aspect of caring for your pool, but it is not the beginning and end of your pool needs. When you want great results, it is important to treat and inspect water chemistry, surface condition and the inner-workings of your system.

Failing to do regular inspections of sensitive areas, like your pool filter, pool pump, motor or even liners, can lead to serious issues, and the need for costly repairs and replacements. This type of regular maintenance, combined with water testing, can help to protect your property, as well as those people swimming inside it.

Scheduling Your Pool Care: The frequency that you should be checking up on your swim space will change based on the size, style and level of traffic that flows in and out of your system. When temperatures are high, it is important to maintain a weekly maintenance routine which involves chemical treatments and monitoring sanitizer and pH levels. In addition to keeping your system ready for use, it is important to consider timeframes for your opening and closing, as well. Waiting too long for seasonal maintenance practices can result in frozen pipes, while closing systems too early can result in algae growth.

Monitoring Water Chemistry: Whether at home or in a commercial environment, nothing is more important than keeping swimmers safe. A lack of chemicals can result in recreational water illnesses (RWIs), brought on by the presence of bacteria, algae growth or mold. In the same way that too few chemicals can result in problems, too many can mean skin and eye irritations.

Inspecting Mechanisms: All pools have some shared factors, but there are distinct differences between care for inground and above ground pools. Whether you have experience caring for pool systems, or are new to the world of caring for a swim space, it can take a lot of time and energy to perfect your maintenance routine. Hiring an expert means, visual inspections of inner mechanisms, by someone who knows exactly what they should be looking for. Keeping a trained eye on your liners can aid in early leak detection

Choosing Puddle Pool Service

As a pool owner, it is common enough to try to tackle regular cleaning and maintenance on your own, but this isn’t always a proactive approach. With a busy schedule, it is easy to let cleanings and water balancing fall to the wayside. A simple skimmer basket or pool vacuum can help to trap and collected both floating or sunken debris, but these basic tools only provide a superficial improvement.

A simple testing kit can help to point out obvious issues within your water system, but solving those issues takes a much more technical approach. After years of experience in the industry, our team of highly trained Puddle technicians are able to provide visual inspections, of mechanical issues, identifying issues before they become disasters. In addition to care for inner-workings, our experts can help to pinpoint issues in surroundings areas, as well as with pool equipment, such as safety covers. When you want the best results for your regular care, pool closing, or when the time comes, for pool openings, as well.

Each member of the Puddle team is local to your area, and is fully insured to protect both your property and our technicians. By offering competitive pricing, inclusive of chemicals and equipment use, our team of experts are committed to keeping things running smoothly for residential, commercial and multi-unit communal spaces. Call today for your free quote.

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