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Property owners across North York love to balance leisure time at home with hobbies or exercise and a swimming pool is a great way to accomplish that. As enjoyable as a swim space might be, pool maintenance can often get in the way. Instead of spending your leisure time skimming water surfaces or struggling to balance chemicals, call a Puddle Pro instead. Professional North York pool cleaning services can help to keep your water crystal clear and flowing, so you can soak up that sunshine.

In order to get the best results for your water feature, pool care should be divided into a multi-step approach that caters to water condition, filtration system and overall structure. Having a trained eye inspect your system from top to bottom on a regular basis prevents small issues from turning into large-scale damage. Keep swimmers safe and pools in great shape with one call to a Puddle Pool Pro.

The Benefits of Routine Pool Care

For many pool owners, the main goal of a cleaning is doing just enough to make pools usable. This often means removing debris and adding a few pool chemicals. While it is possible to shock your pool when it begins to look cloudy, this does not guarantee that water is sanitary and safe to swim in. Getting rid of floating debris improves visuals but it also helps to protect the pool circulation system.

When debris is left inside a water system it will collect inside the skimmer basket, have a negative impact on your pool filter, and can even lead to stains and damage. Eventually, even lighter materials will sink to the bottom of the pool and from there can leave permanent staining on liners. A standard pool vacuum might help to remove some of this debris but it cannot reach into corners, scrub residue from walls or tackle complicated areas like stairs. Over time these harder to reach areas are prone to bacteria buildup, slimy feelings and can lead to chemical imbalances that will ruin your pool season.

In the same way that pool surfaces are prone to algae growth, so are surrounding areas. Without proper care and cleaning, it does not take much for diving boards or the walkways around pools to become slippery. All it takes is a bit of wrong footing to lead to serious debris. Regular inspections can help to identify issues and offer treatment solutions to create a safer and more accessible space for swimmers.

Pool water treatment and balancing is a key feature of any maintenance routine. It is easy enough to pick up a test kit and variety of pool chemicals but achieving a proper chemical balance requires more than a trip to the hardware store. You may add chemicals and sanitizers but these do not always account for an in-depth balancing of your system. In addition to chlorine levels, it is important to consider pH levels, as well as total alkalinity and various other features when balancing your water. The needs of your system will change depending on model (consider salt water pools) but water balance should always be considered to avoid eye and ear infections, as well as the risk of other recreational water illnesses.

Puddle Pool Service: Great Results For Your Routine Care

When you call Puddle, you are getting more than a standard pool cleaner. Local technicians are able to cater your treatment plans to the surrounding environment. Every day weather patterns like high heat and strong winds can impact the chemical levels in your water, so it is important to test regularly and tweak accordingly.

In order to get the best possible results for our clients, Puddle pros inspect internal components like filters, pumps and motors, as well as visual inspections of liners and tiles. Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained, experienced and outfitted with top industry tools, for the best results possible. Better serving our communities means cost competitive treatments, as well as excellent customer service. Offering pool cleaning services for homes, commercial spaces and even public environments means there is no property left behind throughout North York.

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