North York Water Feature Maintenance

It is hard to miss a water fountain. Whether it is the gentle sound of running water or large spraying displays, a great water feature can add a lot of personality to any space. As great as these features might look, keeping them clean is not easy! It does not take much for water to go cloudy or begin to smell, and outdoor spaces are prone to algae growth. If you are noticing your fountain is looking a little worse for the wear, call a Puddle Pro for your North York water feature maintenance.

In order to keep your water systems running smoothly it is important to keep surfaces scrubbed and water balanced on a regular basis. Unlike a mild cleaner and soft cloth, keeping a water feature clean requires speciality tools and cleansers, paired with expert techniques. Instead of struggling with trial and error, calling an expert for your water fountain care means quick and efficient services, all at an accessible rate.

Water Feature Care: What to Watch Out For

A garden fountain is a versatile addition to any property but whenever you are dealing with an outdoor model, your water systems are up against the elements. In the same way that you might skim water surfaces around a pool or hot tub, fountains needs the same type of attention. It is easy to overlook floating debris in a fountain but even a bit of neglect can lead to serious issues with the mechanisms of your water system. If clogs and blockages form in your circulation system, it can lead to unnecessary wear and tear to outdoor fountain pumps, motors and filters.

Water fountain cleaning becomes more and more difficult depending on their size. Larger fountains often have multiple tiers, each of which are difficult to reach. If neglected, these untreated areas can form mineral deposits, white scale, algae and more. Pool owners are quick to apply chemicals to swimmable spaces but water fountains are often overlooked. Fountains are still subject to algae growth, bacteria buildup and residue. Regular cleaning cannot only prevent algae but it can help your fountain run smoothly all year long.

North York is subject to freezing winters. It might be possible for people to hide out indoors, but your fountains are left out in the cold — literally! If freezing water enters your circulation system, it makes plastic brittle and can lead to burst pipes due to expansion. As temperatures drop, it is a good idea to drop your water level so it falls below drains and jets.

Even with regular maintenance, it is important to replace the water every so often. A deep clean involves draining water, scrubbing out surfaces and inspecting structures to ensure that your fountain is in good condition.

Puddle Pool Services: The Best Results For Your Water Fountain

Whether indoors or outside, our highly trained technicians are prepped and ready to clean your fountain top to bottom. Instead of just applying pressure to cleaning practices, Puddle Pros create customized treatments designed to suit the age and condition of your unique space. When maintained properly, fountains are easy-going additions to any property but even a bit of neglect leads to serious issues.

When fountain care is overlooked, water will go cloudy and smell, and discolourations will drag down the visual appeal of a property. Avoid a bad impression by calling a Puddle expert. With options for routine cleaning, as well as deep cleans and seasonal care, our technicians are always hard at work. Local technicians are able to provide timely treatments as well as excellent results and top customer service. Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured to protect properties, as well as our crew members.

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