North York Pool Leak Detection

If you are noticing higher water bills and water loss in your swimming pool, you are more than likely dealing with a leak. Swimming pool leaks are not just an inconvenience, they can be downright dangerous. Leaks above ground can lead to drowned lawns and dead plants and damaged equipment, while underground leaks displace dirt, wreck foundations and flood basements. Instead of waiting for the worst-case scenarios, call a Puddle Pro. Professional North York pool leak detection services track down leaks in even the hardest to reach areas, isolate problem areas and can help to organize repairs.

Finding a leak in your pool is a complicated process. Foundation cracks in a concrete pool or tears in a vinyl liner might be obvious but corroded pipes or root damage are more difficult to spot. Even if you’ve determined that you are dealing with a leak in your pool, tracking them down is very difficult but our Puddle Pros are here to help!

Pool Leak Detection: Are You Losing Water?

It is important to find and repair leaks quickly to avoid damage, but how do you know that you are even dealing with a leak? It is common for pool owners to notice a bit of water loss and call a pool company only to find out that they never had a leak at all. When you notice that your water level is dropping, it might just be evaporation. At the height of summer when the temperatures are high, it is normal to lose a few inches of water to evaporation. Following a pool party or high rates of use it is common for water levels to be lower because your water is being carried out on bodies.

One of the most basic ways for pool owners to test for leaks is through a simple bucket test. This test involves taking a bucket of pool water and setting it next to the poolside. Both bodies of water are exposed to the same conditions, so the rate of evaporation should be the same in each. If there is significant water loss in the pool but not in the bucket, it is a sign that you are dealing with a leak. Even once you’ve determined that you are dealing with a water loss issue, it is time to track down the location of the leak.

The first step to any leak detection process is a visual inspection. A trained eye can spot larger issues on the surface but problem areas are most commonly found underground, which makes them difficult to diagnose. The good news is that Puddle technicians have the tools and training to identify what sort of leak you are dealing with and can isolate problem areas for treatment.

A pressure test is the most effective for pointing out plumbing leaks, while dye tests are best suited to tracking down structural leaks. Pressure tests use a constant stream of air flow running though plumbing and return lines to create air bubbles or, in the case of saturated soil, gurgling nosies. Air bubbles can be tracked visually while specialty listening equipment can track even the faintest sounds.

Leak Detection in Pools: Puddle Pros Get Great Results

Pool care is not only about balancing chemicals and scooping out debris. When you want to keep your water system in the best possible condition, leaks will make that impossible. After years of industry experience, our team of Puddle technicians can track down even the smallest leaks in both above ground pool and inground models. Anything from a small tear in a pool liner, crack caused by physical damage, corroded pipes or even root damage doesn’t just impact your swim space, but damages the surrounding area as well. You can’t often go from water leak detection to full repairs in a period of 24 hours and the longer you wait, the worse a leak will become so don’t hesitate to call a Puddle Pro at the first sign of trouble. Local technicians provide timely and affordable services, as well as access to our network of repair professionals to get your issues fixed ASAP.

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