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The summer months can be a love affair between property owners and their swimming pools but when temperatures begin to drop, it is a very different story. Closing down your pool system can be a pain but it is necessary to protect your water system throughout the cold season. Professional North York pool closing services are able to treat your system from the inside out, treating pools at every level.

As the seasons begin to change, there are plenty of chores to do around homes and workspaces, so adding another one to the list can feel overwhelming. Instead of struggling through the closing process only to end up with a subpar results, have an expert protect your water systems, inspect mechanisms, monitor structures and pave the way for an easier, more efficient pool opening service in spring.

Seasonal Pool Care: The Best Way to Close Your Pool

When the weather gets cold, it is tempting to shut down a heater and throw on a winter cover but a proper closure is a bit more demanding than just that. Spending time in outdoor swimming pools is not a popular pass time during winter. Months of sitting idle is not good for your water systems and can lead to unexpected damage and the need for costly repairs and replacements.

When closing your pool for the winter, it is important to consider what will happen, as well as what could. North York, along with the rest of Ontario, is known for its cold climates so you can expect freezing temperatures, snow and ice. That being said, it is important to treat pool water, as well as inspecting structures and circulation systems.

Preventing Frozen Water: No matter the style of pool that you are working with, it is important to avoid freezing water. It will take prolonger periods of sub-zero temperatures to completely freeze water but that is just part of living in Ontario! In addition to freezing the entirety of a pool basin, it is important to consider what freezing is doing to the internal components of your water system. Water will freeze faster in smaller amounts, causing damage to the pool pump, motors, pipes and lines. When exposed to frozen water, plastics become brittle and need to be replaced. Winterizing a drain plug can prevent water from seeping into vulnerable spaces, as can dropping the water level. When draining the water from your pool system, it is important to enlist a trained professional to avoid damage.

Balancing Water Chemistry: Pool water is given a lot of attention throughout the summer season, but it does not become less important just because it is cold outside. A chemical application when closing can help to keep algae growth and bacteria at bay. Pool antifreeze is also a viable option for properties in cold water areas.

Remove Debris: It is common enough to spot leaves floating along water surfaces in summer but it is important to remember that even when covered, debris has a way of finding its way inside. Before you cover the pool for winter, it is always a good idea to skim water surfaces as well as vacuum the pool bottom. If there is debris left sitting on the bottom of your pool, it can cause permanent staining to vinyl liners. Don’t take a chance on unsightly stains when you can have these areas cleaned by a pro.

Pool Equipment & Safety Covers: During summer, mesh covers are a helpful addition to a pool system. Mesh allows sunlight to come through, helping to heat pool water. Leaving these on in winter creates a damp, covered environment for algae to thrive. A solid cover is more appropriate during cold weather and if your pool is not going to be used for long periods.

Seasonal Pool Maintenance: Why Call the Pros For Your Pool Closing

Everyone is excited to open their pool in spring but less so when closing down. When performed properly, a closing can help to open your pool more efficiently in spring. Checking chlorine levels, emptying the skimmer basket, scrubbing sides and vacuuming are all part of a regular care routine, but when paired with more in-depth steps, they can also help to protect your pool throughout winter.

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