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Winters in Ontario can feel never-ending so the second that the sun begins to shine, residents want to start enjoying warm weather, and that means swimming! After months of sitting idle, it is not uncommon for property owners to remove the cover from their pool, only to find algae blooms and debris, along with cloudy water and discolourations. A professional North York pool opening cannot only create a safe and sanitary swim space, it can help to protect structures and internal components as well.

When you want to open your pool for spring, a DIY approach can quickly turn into a disaster. Anyone can buy a skimmer or test kit but putting these to use is more complicated than meets the eye. An improperly opened pool can result in poor visuals but it can also create health hazards and risks to swimmers. When you want to make the most out of the swim season, have an expert perform your seasonal pool care.

Seasonal Pool Maintenance: Opening Up in Spring

Unlike a standard routine cleaning, opening your swimming pool after months of disuse means having to contend with a wide array of debris, bacteria, algae and more. Managing residual pool water, as well as inspecting vital areas like the pump and filter, as well as structures and other vulnerable internal components is key to great results. In order to make sure that you open up for the season on the right foot, it is important to treat water systems from the bottom of the pool and upward.

Ditch Debris: Even if you have applied a secured winter cover, bits and pieces of debris are always able to sneak in. This can mean dust, dirt, leaves and other organics collect in skimmer baskets, on water surfaces or resting at the bottom of the pool. Floating clutter can clog up pool filters while sunken items can cause serious staining to vinyl pool liners. You can vacuum the pool bottom but this does not necessarily mean that you are reaching into corners or digging debris out of hard angles. When opening, speciality tools are the best option for accessing these hard to reach areas.

Balance Pool Chemicals: Once debris is cleared away it is time to begin chemical applications. When being used regularly, pools are routinely treated with chlorine or bromine but after sitting still for months, it will take more than standard chemical care to get results. If algae has formed inside your basin or water system, algaecides are necessary for removal. Test strips can help to shed an eye on certain aspects of your pool chemistry, but it is also important to monitor pH levels and total alkalinity as well.

Adjust Water Level: For in-ground pools, water levels are often dropped during a closing in order to prevent freezing inside circulation systems, around jets and other vulnerable areas. In order to keep your pool running smoothly, water levels need to be raised to reach above the jets and skimmer lines so water is able to circulate properly. It is possible to do this with a garden hose but it takes a keen eye to make sure you do not overfill these areas.

Scrub Sides & Flooring: Whether you are working with an in-ground pool or an above ground model, water features are prone to residue. In order to keep your pool clean it is important to scrub sides and pool bottoms, as well as stairs. If there is unseen residue on these surfaces, they will become slippery, leading to the risk of serious injury due to slips and falls. The same rules apply to surrounding areas like walkways or diving boards, so it is important to be vigilant around all areas of your property.

The Puddle Guarantee: The Best Results For Your Pool Opening Service

When you are in the market for seasonal pool services, call a local pro for the best possible results. Each member of the Puddle team is local to your area, so they know exactly what you are up against during spring. Highly trained and experienced technicians are able to restore your pool to a great condition, along with excellent customer service, timely treatment and cost-competitive prices.

Pool services don’t seem dangerous but there are plenty of things that can go wrong, particularly when there is water and electricity in the same environment. When reinstalling or removing detachable components, it is important to cut power from the circuit breaker in order to avoid any nasty shocks. Safety is a top priority for Puddle Pros, so clients always have peace of mind along with great results.

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