North York Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Throughout Ontario, the year can be divided into two categories: freezing and sweltering. As hot temperatures begin to take over, property owners want to be able to dive into pools in order to beat the heat. Instead of just pulling back a pool cover and diving in, opening a pool for spring is a multi-step, multi-day approach, and the same goes for your closing. Instead of struggling to open or close your pool, call a Puddle Pro for your North York seasonal pool maintenance.

Seasonal pool care not only helps to get your swim space ready for a new season, it works to protect your water system, structures and even the people swimming in it! Whether at home or in a commercial space, owners and managers are responsible for every body that enters that pool water. Professional care and maintenance helps to create and maintain a clean and sanitary space, while helping clients cut back on utility bills and reduce the need for repairs and replacements.

Getting Ready for the Swimming Season: The Best Results For Your Pool Opening

When the only things standing between you and a morning swim is a winter cover, it is tempting to shock the water and jump on in. Trying this, however, can result in some serious health risks and the potential for serious illness. If pool water is imbalanced or contaminated, it can lead to skin irritations, as well as eye and ear infections and, in a worst-case scenario, e-coli poisoning or digestive illness.

When opening up for the summer, it is important to inspect internal components as well as treating pool water. If your circulation system is struggling, chemicals are not being transported throughout your water system, leaving areas that are prone to bacteria. During a closing, detachable components are often dried and stored so it is important to clean these out and replace them in order to have a functional water system. Checking your filter is an important component of keeping pool water clean. Inspecting a cartridge filter is simple enough while pressure gauges detail whether or not a sand filter needs replacing.

Pool Closing: What to Expect

When temperatures begin to drop to an average of 15 degrees or below, chances are that your swimming pool is not getting much use. Waiting too long to close down a pool system can mean dealing with freezing and the damage that comes along with it. It takes prolonged exposure to freezing temperatures to make your pool solid but a Canadian winter can do just that!

There are small amounts of water throughout circulation systems and plumbing lines. As temperatures drop, these areas can freeze, making plastic brittle or causing expansion. When frozen, water is known to expand up to 9% which can overwhelm pipes and plumbing lines, leading to bursting. Throughout Ontario it is not uncommon to add pool antifreeze to prevent freezing. It is also a good idea to drop the water level below the jets and skimmers to avoid water seeping in. It is also a good idea to winterize drain plugs to avoid damage.

Puddle Pool Services: Great Results At Any Time of Year

Regular pool cleaning is necessary during the swim season but a great water system needs to be bookended with in-depth care and inspections. Having your water tested by an expert helps to keep your system running crystal clear in any in-ground or above ground pool. In order to get the best results possible, Puddle Pros opt for multi-step treatments, spread out over a couple of days in order to ensure the best possible results. Visual inspections can assess any issues with liners, tiles and even pool equipment like a diving board.

Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained, experienced and fully insured to protect properties, as well as our technicians. By offering expert seasonal care for pools, hot tubs and swim spaces around homes and commercial properties, our experts are keeping communities clean, one swim space at a time!

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