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In the same way that you protect yourself from the cold of winter, it is important to protect your pool. Many property owners are keen to dive into their water systems the moment that the weather begins to warm up, but without a proper closing, this process can take much longer – if it happens at all! When you want to set the stage for a successful summer, prolong the lifespan on your feature, or just work toward maintaining a safe and sanitary environment, call a Puddle Pro! Professional pool closing services work toward improving overall condition, and keep our community running smoothly.

It is a no brainer to cover the pool during long periods of disuse, but just throwing on a winter cover is not enough to get great results. When you want to have your pool completely shut down or just winterized, pool technicians can help you every step of the way. From safeguarding internal components, to the practical aspect of dropping the water level, our Puddle Pros can handle it all!

Seasonal Pool Care: What to Know

When you want to close your pool for winter, it is important to think of your water system as a series of moving parts. Focusing on water chemistry alone is not enough to keep things running. After years in the pool services industry, our team of experts have broken this process down into a multi-step approach designed to treat water, surfaces, unseen components and important mechanisms.

Get the Timing Right: Across Canada, each province has their own unique climate, which means care and maintenance of pools and hot tubs should be catered to match. Closing down too early, while the weather is still warm, can lead to algae growth. The most optimum time to begin winterizing your pool is September through October, and even into November in some areas. Waiting too long to close your pool allows water to freeze in pipes, weakening materials and causing damage to liners, filters, motors, pumps and more.

Treating Pool Water: Keeping up with the demands of your water throughout summer takes a lot of time and energy, all throughout the season, but it does not stop just because fall is right around the corner. In addition to a shock or basic pool chemical treatment, some regions will require special, seasonal additions, like pool antifreeze. Carrying out a thorough water treatment during closing can help to prevent algae from forming over stagnant periods.

The Inner Workings of Your Swimming Pool: When you want the best results for your water system, it is important to inspect and care for the inner mechanisms and components of your pool. Whether you are dealing with an inground or above ground model, freezing damages pools just the same. In order to protect the more complex aspects of your system, it is important to inspect your drain plug, as well as taking out a removal cartridge filter and drying them completely, as well as flushing and draining water lines, and inspecting the sand filter, if you have one.

Pool Equipment and Accessories: In the same way that your vinyl liners can stretch or concrete can crack, the accessories in and around your pool can also suffer in the cold. When the temperatures take a turn, it is important to remove, dry and store pool accessories to avoid plastic becoming brittle and cracking. Something as simple as drying out a pool pump can help to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on systems.

Expert Pool Services: Prevents Damage, Protects Your System

Closing your pool for the winter season does not only benefit the structural condition of your residential or commercial property in low temperatures, but an improper closing can also mean grief when it is time to open your pool. A simple test kit can help with balancing the water or checking your chlorine level, but it won’t help with the structural condition of your inground pool.

In addition to prolonging the lifespan of your water system, regular care and cleaning can also help to make your opening easier. Don’t waste good weather with chores, when you can set your pool up for success throughout the cold season.

From installing safety covers to drying out internal mechanisms and scrubbing sides, every bit of your care and maintenance contributes to the overall condition of your water feature. By protecting your system, you are also protecting your investment. Each member of the Puddle Pools team is fully insured to protect not only our technicians, but your property, as well. Call today for your free quote.

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