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Sitting poolside in the sunshine is a top priority during the summer season but as temperatures drop, swim spaces often do not get the same level of attention. Preparing for a change of season means winterizing and weather proofing homes and commercial spaces and that means your pool! Preparing a swimming pool for the winter requires a multi-step treatment that tackles everything from water condition to installing covers and more — and that is a tall order! By calling Puddle for your Barrie pool closing service, you get great results with none of the manual labour.

It is tough to admit that summer is coming to an end but waiting too long to close your pool comes along with serious consequences. Whether you are looking to close an in-ground pool or an above ground model, our team of technicians can help you out. Contacting a professional for your fall pool care means protecting your pool throughout the winter and paving the way for an easier opening in spring.

Seasonal Pool Care: How to Close Your Pool for the Winter

Winters in Ontario are frigid and freezing temperatures can take a toll on pool systems. A proper pool closure can help to not only protect pools from the cold, but ensures an easier opening in spring. In order to get the best results for your water system, it is important to inspect and treat your pool from the ground, up, and with consideration of water condition, as well as structures and the internal mechanisms that keep water circulating.

Winter Chemicals: As a pool owner, you are likely familiar with handling standard pool chemicals. When not being used regularly, pool water is often subject to contamination. In order to maintain water chemistry throughout the winter, it is important to apply additional chemicals. In Ontario, this might mean an application of pool antifreeze, as well as a shock treatment before closing down, or an algaecide as needed.

Pool Equipment: Freezing water is great for an ice rink but not for your pool. If the water inside your system freezes, it will make plastic brittle and lead to expansion in pipes. Frozen water will expand up to 9%, which doesn’t sound like a high number but it is enough to cause warping or even a burst pipe. Avoid unnecessary damage by winterizing drain plugs and removing detachable components so they can be dried and stored. By flushing return lines, it is possible to prevent freezing and damage. It is also a good time to inspect both sand filters and cartridge filters.

Install Winter Covers: When leaves begin to fall, a pool cover is your best friend. When debris makes its way into your pool, it will create clogs in your filtration system and will fill up skimmer baskets. Installing a safety cover for the winter season aids in preventing algae, keeps debris from falling into pool water, and helps to prevent weakening or stains from sun fading.

Puddle Pool Services: The Best Results For Your Pool Closing

Calling an experienced Puddle technician guarantees great results for pool closings all across Barrie. In addition to keeping pools in great shape, it makes it much easier to open your pool in spring. A basic test kit might be able to identify issues with chlorine levels but it cannot inspect a pool pump. When you want the best results for closing an above ground or inground pool, look no further than a local Puddle Pro. Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained and fully insured to provide peace of mind, alongside excellent results.

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Naomi Deering
5 out of 5

Nothing better than coming home from a long busy day and being able to jump into a sparkling clean pool. The best service and they are amazing.

Garry Page
5 out of 5

It is so convenient to have someone come to my home to service my pool once a week. I’ve tried to maintain my pool on my own, but it is just so much work. The young lady that comes every week just lets herself in and sends us pictures when she is done. Such a great service!

Morgan Young
5 out of 5

It was simple to schedule the appointment and the technician was prompt, knowledgeable and very helpful with opening my pool this season. He did a fantastic job with removing the cover and cleaning my pool until it sparkled. Will definitely be using their services again!

Mike Carter
5 out of 5

Great customer service! Puddle comes by once a week to clean our pool & spa and I couldn’t be happier with the job they’ve done. 100% recommend!

Winston Burke
5 out of 5

I am so pleased with the job that Dave from Puddle Pools has done with my pool. After the winter, it was green and there was a lot of algae at the bottom but after 3 or 4 visits, it was completely clean. Definitely worth the money!

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