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Across the Barrie area, there is plenty of opportunity to take a dip. From fitness centres to hotels, there are whole business structures based around clean spaces, while an appealing swimming pool can be an excellent selling feature. Creating an ideal swim space for clients is as simple as calling Puddle for your Barrie commercial pool services.

For small businesses, it can be difficult to keep up with the demands of the day. Adding pool maintenance on top of that can feel overwhelming. Puddle provides pool care for businesses, taking stress off of pool owners without sacrificing results.

Commercial Pool Care: When to Call an Expert

Whether you are a company or sole proprietorship, business owners are responsible for every individual who steps foot into your water system. In order to ensure that swimmers stay safe and pools maintain structural integrity of foundations, liners, as well as reducing running costs. Commercial pool maintenance applies to swimming pools in commercial areas, but it also refers to pool cleaning with commercial needs/time frames.

Keeping a Pool Clean: Pool cleaning services in a high traffic space are incredibly important. With each body that enters your swimming pool, there are things left behind. Body oils, hair products, lotions and sunscreen all seep off of bodies and into water, leaving residue behind. In order to keep pool water clean, it is important to perform regular water testing, scrubbing, skimming and inspections.

Post-Construction Clean Up: The Barrie area is constantly growing, with new homes and buildings going up every day. Every project kicks up dust and dirt, which will eventually end up in pools. If this is the case, firing up pool systems will deposit some of this unexpected debris into skimmer baskets and the pool filter. Hiring a company to clean out dirt and debris will help pools start off on the right foot. Hiring an expert for your commercial pool cleaning services can help to keep startup costs down in the long run.

Real Estate Revamps: In a residential environment, pools and hot tubs are personal assets and when selling a home, a poor visual can seem like more of a chore than an investment. Moving is enough of a challenge on its own, so it is no wonder that a neglected pool is enough to turn potential buyers away. Hiring an experienced pool cleaning company for one-time service calls or regular maintenance services can help to showcase pools and hot tubs as an investment instead of a chore, encouraging buyers.

Puddle Pool Services: Regular Maintenance and Cleaning For Commercial Swimming Pools

While it seems simple to start a pool cleaning business, creating a successful one takes a lot of hard work, commitment and a long list of happy customers. Puddle is not your average pool service business, but stands out from the crowd with top of the line tools, experienced technicians, on-going training and competitive pricing. Each member of the team is fully insured and outfitted with general liability insurance and specialized coverage to ensure pool owners are getting the best possible results, along with peace of mind with every service.

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