Barrie Water Feature Maintenance

A water fountain might be great to look at but they can be tough to keep clean. The sound of running water is soothing but it means having to maintain a water circulation system. For all the good that fountains bring to a home or commercial property, they require a lot of care and attention and that can be tough to keep up with. Calling an expert for your Barrie water feature maintenance means passing the hard work onto a pro while you can focus on enjoying all the benefits of owning a fountain.

Installing a garden fountain means having to navigate water and electrical outputs but the hard work doesn’t stop at installation. Whether you are installing a brand new fountain or are maintaining an existing one, it is important to inspect and treat structures, water condition, circulation systems and their components. In-depth water feature care improves visual appeal, reduces running costs and prolonged the lifespans of mechanisms for the best results possible.

What Fountain Care: What to Know

The location of your water feature will dictate what level of care and cleaning it needs. Each and every water feature depends on regular cleaning and maintenance to stay in great shape. An outdoor water fountain is more prone to algae growth and organic debris while indoor models are more prone to white scale and mineral deposits. Everything from hard water to environmental factors play a role in the overall condition of your fountain.

Fountain Surfaces: Fountains look great outside, but keeping an outdoor feature clean is a constant battle. Everything from high heats to heavy rains can throw off water balance or dislodge debris from surrounding plant life. When water is contaminated, it will take a toll on the look of your fountain. Algae, mold, mildew and grime drive down curb appeal and will wear down on the structural integrity of the materials themselves. Rough items like wire brushes can strip away protective coatings or aggravate vulnerable areas, so the right technique is key to proper cleaning.

Water Condition: Many property owners are quick to treat pools and hot tubs but fountains often do not get the same level of attention. If you do not clean your fountain on a regular basis, the water inside will become cloudy, begin to smell or be full of bacteria and contaminants. Fountains might not be designed for swimming but that does not mean that contamination won’t happen.

Circulation Systems: If water sits stagnant, chemicals are not circulating through the entire fountain system and that allows bacteria to form in pockets and untouched areas. If water levels are not dropped, necessary components like pipes, motors and filters can experience damage caused by cold temperatures and freezing water. By inspecting the fountain pump, motors and lines regularly, it is possible to spot both existing and potential damage. These inspections can mean the difference between the need for a small repair and a large-scale project or replacement.

Seasonal Changes: As the season change, so should your water fountain care. If your water system has been sitting stagnant over long periods there is a chance that you are going to be dealing with unexpected damage. Managing debris and algae buildup is a crucial part of outdoor fountain maintenance, but so is taking the addition step to clean the pump and flush out return lines to ensure there is no gunk hiding out inside. Start the spring season off on the right foot or close down for the winter to protect your fountain from the cold.

Puddle Pool Services: Water Feature Cleaning & More

Having a fountain run means careful inspection and custom treatment plans designed to fit the unique needs of your feature. Dealing with a small wall fountain is much different from managing a larger garden fountain but our Puddle pros know how to handle both. After years in the industry, Puddle technician understand how to treat fountains all of all shapes, sizes and styles. Each member of the Puddle team is fully insured to protect homes and commercial properties.

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