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Nothing beats the chill of a fall evening like taking a dip in a hot tub. A great water system can help users kick back and relax but up-keep and cleaning can take a bite out of your leisure time. If you are struggling to keep water clean and systems running smoothly, pass the heavy lifting onto an expert! Hiring professional Barrie hot tub maintenance allows owners to get great results, with none of the effort.

When you want to make the most out of your downtime, let a Puddle Pro handle your hot tub cleaning and maintenance. You wouldn’t sit in someone else’s bathwater and spa water should no different. Without the right balance of chemicals it does not take long for hot tubs to become unsanitary spaces. Whether you are enjoying a water system all on your own or are hosting friends, family and guests, a clean system is key to keeping swimmers safe and your water feature in great shape.

Hot Tub Care: Balanced Water, Clean Surfaces and More

Anyone can run out to a pool supply store for a pack of test strips, but it takes more than basic tools to get great results. In order for water systems to run smoothly, it is important than they are inspected from top to bottom, inside and out. It is always a good idea to perform a step-by-step inspection and follow a treatment plan that caters to every aspect of your hot tub system.

Water Care: Just because you have warm water does not mean that it is clean. Without regular chemical applications it does not take long for chemical levels to spiral out of control. Contaminated water can look cloudy, discoloured or show signs of mould and algae growth. Imbalanced chemical levels can quickly lead to skin irritations, ear and eye infections, or digestive issues. In serious cases, swimmers can even experience severe illnesses like e-coli poisoning. Balanced hot tub water not only creates a clean and inviting environment, it helps to encourage water flow and reduces running costs.

Equipment & Additions: A hot tub cover can be your best friend. These simple additions can help to keep debris out but they can also help to protect shells themselves. Exposure to UV rays and chemicals can lead to discolourations and materials becoming brittle. This can drastically reduce the lifespan of structures, leading to the need for premature repairs and even replacements. It is important to install a spa cover, but it is also important to keep these clean and functional.

Filters & Mechanisms: It is never fun to clean filters but it is a necessary part of care and maintenance practices. When filters are blocked, water is not able to flow through circulation systems in the way that they were meant to. This can put strain on systems, forcing them to work harder and causing unnecessary wear and tear.

Deep Clean & Refresh: Even with regular cleaning, there will come a time where it is necessary to drain and clean your hot tub. It might seem simple to drain the hot tub on your property, but this just isn’t the case. Without the right technique, draining a large body of water can lead to serious damage. Filling a hot tub is as simple as grabbing a garden hose but unleashing a ton of water can lead to flooded lawns, leaks, staining, damage and rot.

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Hot Tub Care in Barrie

It can take years of trial and error to fully understand what makes your hot tub tick, but who has time for that? Our team of highly trained technicians have put the leg work in, so you don’t have to! Puddle technicians are highly trained and experienced in handling everything from spa filters to balancing water chemistry with specialized hot tub chemicals like chlorine or bromine.

Each member of the team is fully insured to protect properties, as well as the technicians that are servicing them. In order to get great results for communities all across Barrie, our Puddle crews offer bi-weekly cleaning services, as well as deep cleans and service calls. By creating a custom treatment plan designed to fit your hot tub and spa, you can expect great results, every time.

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Our Client Testimonials

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Naomi Deering
5 out of 5

Nothing better than coming home from a long busy day and being able to jump into a sparkling clean pool. The best service and they are amazing.

Garry Page
5 out of 5

It is so convenient to have someone come to my home to service my pool once a week. I’ve tried to maintain my pool on my own, but it is just so much work. The young lady that comes every week just lets herself in and sends us pictures when she is done. Such a great service!

Morgan Young
5 out of 5

It was simple to schedule the appointment and the technician was prompt, knowledgeable and very helpful with opening my pool this season. He did a fantastic job with removing the cover and cleaning my pool until it sparkled. Will definitely be using their services again!

Mike Carter
5 out of 5

Great customer service! Puddle comes by once a week to clean our pool & spa and I couldn’t be happier with the job they’ve done. 100% recommend!

Winston Burke
5 out of 5

I am so pleased with the job that Dave from Puddle Pools has done with my pool. After the winter, it was green and there was a lot of algae at the bottom but after 3 or 4 visits, it was completely clean. Definitely worth the money!

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