Water Feature Maintenance

Indoor water features are a great way to add a touch of whimsy to any area. From hotels to shopping malls, fountains act as a meeting place and offer up an exciting draw for visitors. The sounds of water might be a soothing sound but taking care of these water features definitely is not. Whether you are concerned with water chemistry or are needing to remove algae growth, our Puddle Pool Pros can help with professional water feature maintenance.

What Is In My Indoor Water Fountain?

Many property owners or managers are quick to have their pools professionally cleaned but fountains often do not get this same attention – likely because no one is swimming in them! Outdoor water features are prone to organic debris and bacteria but that does not mean that an indoor waterfall or fountain is safe.

In a public environment, there is no telling what can end up in your system. In the same way that pools and hot tubs require balanced water and a functioning circulation system, so do fountains. Even a slight water imbalance can lead to contaminated water, staining and an overall negative effect on filters, pumps and motors.

From kids that dip their hands in water, to trash or pennies and everything in-between have an impact on the overall condition of your space. When it comes to cleaning water fountains. it is important to not focus on one area alone. but to work top to bottom for an all-around clean. Blockages or clogs in tubing, for example can impede water flow, leading to plug spouts and can even lead to leakage.

Water Feature Cleaning: Navigating Tough Waters

There is a big difference between dealing with indoor tabletop water fountains in your living room and a large-scale feature. When you are looking to clean a space, it is important to create a treatment plan according to age, condition and materials. Care for basic liners is much different than taking on natural stone. From navigating complicated materials to delicate additions, such as LED lights, a heavy handed approach can cause widespread damage.

If you are noticing issues with your water or circulation system, it may be time to turn your attention to mechanics. In order to keep your system running, it is important to inspect the ins and outs of your system, going as far as to remove the pump during an in-depth cleaning.

When you want the best results for your indoor/outdoor water feature, call an expert to tackle the heavy lifting. Whether you are managing your feng shui in a condo building or sprucing up a casino, our Puddle Pool Pros can help. Fully insured staff are able to treat both public and private spaces, leaving fountains flowing.

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