Grimsby Water Feature Maintenance

Keeping a fountain running smoothly is no easy feat. These features are up against the elements in the same way that a pool or hot tub is, but they rarely get the same level of attention. When properly maintained a water fountain can add personality to any home or business, so make sure that water is clean and flowing with a bit of help from a Puddle Pro. Regular Grimsby water feature maintenance prolongs the lifespan of water systems, plumbing and structures.

No matter the type of water feature that you are dealing with, they all require cleaning and maintenance. A bit of mild soap and a soft cloth are not enough to get rid of stains, discolouration or algae growth, and a hard bristle brush or heavy handed approach can cause damage. They might look tough, but these systems are vulnerable to weakening and breakage, so leave your water fountain cleaning up to the experts.

Water Feature Care: What to Watch Out For

Water fountains are found in properties of all shapes, sizes and styles all across the Grimsby area. An outdoor water feature or garden fountain is further at risk of algae growth, organic debris and natural contaminants. Indoor fountains are more susceptible to white scale and mineral deposits, particularly when hard water is concerned. When inside, you can also expect man-made contaminants like spills and even pennies!

Routine Fountain Care: The goal of any fountain maintenance program is to keep water systems working properly. Just because you have running water doesn’t mean that water features are working the way that they should. A regularly scheduled visit from a Puddle technician means water testing and balancing, scrubbing, debris removal and the tools to reach even the toughest to reach spaces. When you want to prevent algae, remove stains and ensure that water pumps and lines are in good shape, call a local Pro.

Deep Cleans: Even with cleaning your fountain regularly, there will come a point when your system will need a deep clean. For concrete finishes, this means having to drain the water from your system, acid or pressure washing stains away. An application of specialized chemicals loosens dirt and grime that can then be washed away.

Seasonal Care: When cold weather hits, property owners are quick to close down their swimming pools, but what about water fountains? Frigid temperatures are tough on structures and can cause water to freeze, causing damage to pipes and plumbing lines. It is a good idea to either drain or drop the water level in a fountain to prevent water freezing inside lines and causing pipes to burst.

Puddle Water Fountain Care: Expert Care For Homes & Businesses

Without the right tools and technical training, keeping a fountain clean can feel impossible. For larger fountains, multiple tiers are common. Anytime a ladder is involved, an amateur approach becomes dangerous, so leave it to the experts! Each member of the team is local to the Grimsby area, so we understand everything from climate, water hardness and environmental impact and more.

By offering a range of treatment options like weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or seasonal services, our Puddle technicians are able to provide expert care and cleaning for homes and commercial properties of all types and sizes.

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