Grimsby Pool Closing

A swimming pool is a huge asset to any property during the summer but when fall comes back around, they can be a pain! Shutting a water system down for the winter is not as simple as throwing on a pool cover and hoping for the best. Ontario is known for frigid winters and these will take a toll on both residential and commercial swim spaces. Professional Grimsby pool closing services protect swimming pools from the cold and keep water systems running smoothly!

Seasonal pool care has a ripple effect throughout the year. Failing to close a swim space down in fall means a difficult opening in spring. A delayed opening means missing out on warm weather. During the swim season, water chemistry is a top priority for pool owners but when the weather starts to get chilly, swimming pools often get less attention. In addition to regular pool cleaning, seasonal care is key to keeping your swim space in good condition.

Fall Pool Care: How to Protect Your Pool From the Cold

Swimming pools are built tough but they are still at risk during the fall and winter months. By choosing to winterize your pool, you are reducing the risk of damage caused by cold temperatures, freezing water and the wear and tear that comes along with Grimsby winters. During the closing process, everything from water levels, chemical balance and which winter covers you use will have an impact on the overall condition of your swim space. That is why our Puddle technicians break seasonal pool care down into a multi-step approach.

Seasonal Chemical Treatments: A damp, dark, covered environment is the perfect place for algae growth to form and spread. Applying winter chemicals can help to reduce the rate of algae growth and bacteria, as well as preventing freezing.

Debris Removal: The longer that debris is allowed to sit in pool systems, the worse it becomes. Organic materials will rot and break apart. Over time, unwanted items will sink to the bottom of pools and if left to sit, will cause permanent staining on vinyl liners. Emptying skimmer baskets, skimming away floating debris and vacuuming sunken items will help to keep pools in good shape.

Managing Pool Water: The needs of an inground pool and an above ground pool will vary but freezing is bad for both of them! In the case of an inground water system, it is important to drop the water level so it falls before the jets and skimmer baskets. The reason for this is that frozen water expands up to 9%. It might seem like a small number but this is enough to cause pipes to burst. This leads to water damage, flooding, rot, mold and serious structural issues. When dealing with an above ground model, installing water bags will help to prevent freezing.

Systems Inspections: As the seasons change, it is an opportune time to check up on necessary pool equipment, like a pool filter, pool pump, heaters and more. If cartridge filters are clogged, it is a good idea to remove and clean them. It is also a good idea to check the pressure gauge on sand filters to see whether or not you are due for a sand replacement.

Equipment: Extreme cold makes plastic brittle, so it is important to remove detachable components so they can be dried and properly stored over the winter. It is also a good idea to swap out mesh spring covers for solid winter ones. Mesh covers allow sunlight to reach pool water, helping to keep it warm, which is great for summer. In the winter, this added sunlight will actually contribute to algae growth.

Puddle Pool Services: The Best Way to Close Your Pool

When you want to protect your pool from a frigid winter, ditch the basic test kit and opt for professional care instead. Our team of highly trained Puddle technicians are able to service pools from top to bottom, inside and out. This means avoiding damage that comes from cold weather and frozen water. In addition to being highly trained and experienced, our team of pool specialists are fully insured to protect services, teams and surrounding areas.

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