Grimsby Residential Pool Services

As a homeowner, it is important to enjoy your living space — and a swimming pool can help! With an accessible swim space, you never have to worry about when to take a dip or get your laps in. As great as it might be to own a pool, it doesn’t always come easily! Keeping a pool clean is a daily effort of removing debris, scrubbing and water testing that can quickly eat up your leisure time. Grimsby residential pool services provide expert cleaning services, protect pools and let you enjoy the swim season.

Unlike a communal pool or public swim space, homeowners are left to manage their cleaning and maintenance on their own. Pool care at home means being responsible for everyone that steps foot into your pool water and that means having to keep everything clean, sanitary and flowing smoothly. Cloudy water is not only visually unappealing, it can be dangerous! Ditch the risk of an amateur pool and call a local pool specialist instead.

Grimsby Residential Pool Care: What to Know

On the surface, pool maintenance seems simple enough: skim out debris and throw in some chemicals. Applying shock to your pool can help to clear cloudy water but this is only a superficial improvement. Achieving proper water balance means managing chlorine levels, pH levels, alkalinity, calcium and more. Without maintaining water chemistry, even newly cleaned water will become contaminated in no time at all. Instead of relying on basic tools like pool vacuums and skimmers, have an expert test, clean and treat your water systems.

Testing kits are useful tools but they don’t always offer proper insight into water condition and they definitely can’t help you spot issues with your circulation and filtration systems. The most common type of pool filter in Grimsby are cartridge filters, followed by sand filters. Each of these require regular inspections and routine cleanings in order to function properly.

In an outdoor swim space, debris just happens. A strong wind is enough to dislodged leaves, sticks, seeds pods, needles, pollen and more, letting it fall onto the surface of pool water. Lighter items float along the surface of pool water while heavier ones sink to the bottom of the pool. If items are left to sit on vinyl liners, they will cause permanent staining which leaves bad visuals behind. When dealing with debris, a standard pool vacuum is not designed to reach into tight areas or hard angles. This leaves patches full of debris and bacteria. Specialized tools make it possible for our Puddle Pros to reach into these areas for a better result with every cleaning.

The summer season is not the only time that pool owners should be concerned about the condition of the swim space. From a pool opening, pool closing and deep cleans, there is always something to do with your pool. When you want to make the most out of the summer season, or protect your swimming pool from the cold, call a Puddle Pro for your seasonal care and maintenance.

Puddle Pool Services: Keep Your Pool Cleaner, For Longer Periods

A clean and healthy swimming pool adds value and enjoyment to homes of all sizes. Whether you are hosting guests, getting some exercise or just getting a tan, local Puddle technicians are here to help keep your swim space clean and inviting. By offering a range of cleaning options, our experts can handle pools and spas of any size. With options for weekly pool cleaning during the summer, bi-weekly programs in the off-season, single call-outs and seasonal care, there is never a bad time to call a Puddle technician to start your cleaning and maintenance program.

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