Grimsby Pool Opening

When the sun starts to shine after a long winter, pool owners want to dive on into their water systems. As tempting as it might be to pull back a pool cover and dive on in, there is more to it than that. After long periods of sitting still, your pool water is likely suffering from a wide range of contaminants. Stepping foot inside can lead to serious illness, and the risk doesn’t stop there. When you want to avoid unexpected damage, keep your water systems running smoothly and create a sanitary swim space for guests, just call Puddle for your Grimsby pool opening service.

When you want to open your pool, it is important to treat your system from the inside, out and from the ground, up. Everything from the pool chemicals, safety covers and return lines play a role in overall condition, so they are all important to overall function. It can take years to figure out what makes your swimming pool tick, but our technicians have put the legwork in for you.

Spring Pool Care: What To Do & When

When it comes to your pool opening and closing, timing is everything. Waiting too long to close down a swimming pool can result in unexpected freezing, which leads to breakage and expansion. In spring, the longer that you wait to open up, the more you are missing out on the warm weather. For a homeowner, this can mean missed opportunities for pool parties and exercise, while in a commercial space, a closed pool can mean missing out on revenue.

The best time to open your pool is when the average outdoor temperature reaches roughly 21 degrees. This is the point where a cold snap is unlikely and pool owners are ready to start enjoying the sunshine. During a pool closing, winterizing plugs and dropping water levels are key parts of the process and this means having to undo it during spring.

Even with a winter cover installed, debris has a way of getting into water systems. This can mean seeing a ton of floating and sunken debris when you remove the cover, as well as inside skimmer baskets. Pool openings come along with thorough debris removal, heavy scrubbing, vacuuming and water balancing. Proper balancing means checking on the chlorine level, as well as the pH level, monitoring total alkalinity, calcium and more.

Visual inspections are a huge part of pool care during the changing of the season. Closing drain plugs in fall is meant to protect internal components from damage caused by freezing water. Freezing temperatures can cause damage to liners, but it can also make plastic brittle, leading to unexpected cracks and damage. Catching issues early makes it possible to repair any existing issues before they turn into disasters.

Puddle Services: Excellent Pool Maintenance All Year Long

When the cold season comes to an end, you want to make sure that your pool system is running smoothly for the first days of summer. You might be able to vacuum the pool on your own but for the best results, it is always a better idea to call professional pool services. Each member of the Puddle team is highly trained and experienced, ensuring that pool owners get the best results for in-depth treatments.

A pool opening isn’t something that can be done in 24 hours, but requires a thorough balancing, which means chemical applications and settling periods that take place over a couple of days. By treating pool systems in multiple steps, property owners can rest easy knowing that their water systems are in good hands. In addition to a great reputation throughout the Grimsby community, Puddle technicians are fully insured to provide peace of mind with every service.

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