Grimsby Pool Leak Detection

When it is running smoothly a swimming pool can help to make the most out of the summer weather but it can be ruined quickly if you spring a leak. On average swimming pools are holding thousands of gallons of water at any given time and this means even a pinhole leak can quickly lead to high rates of water loss — and all of this water has to go somewhere! Large amounts of water lead to displaced soil and water damage so it is always better to call an expert at the first sign of water loss. With Puddle, Grimsby pool leak detection services are able to identify the presence of leaks and the type, as well as isolating problem areas for repair. 

Water main leaks might flood streets and a leaky sink can mean rot and mold in cupboards but a leaky pool will lead to structural damage of swim spaces themselves as well as surrounding areas. When you need to find and fix a leak, it is not always as simple as applying a simple patch or tightening a screw here and there. For quick and efficient leak detection, look no further than a local Puddle Pro. 

Leak Detection in Pools: A Multi-Step Approach 

Part of what makes pool leak detection such a complicated process is figuring out where you are losing water from. Determining whether you are dealing with a structural leak, plumbing leak or faulty equipment is key to organizing necessary repairs and avoiding disaster but it all starts with diagnosing a leak in the first place! 

If you begin to notice a drop in your water level, there are a few different things that might be causing it. High outdoor temperatures cause evaporation in pool water while high traffic means swimmers are carrying it out with them. Add a few cannonballs and maybe a splash fight into this and there is no doubt that you are going to notice significant water loss. If you refill water levels only to have them drop again without reason, it is time to consider a leak. Other key indicators of water loss are higher water bills and unexplained puddles forming in surrounding areas. 

Structural Leaks: A concrete pool is built to be tough and withstand the elements but they aren’t invincible. Physical damage can crack areas around poolsides leading to a slab leak or tear in a pool liner. Some structural damage will be visible while some of it will occur behind the scenes, making it difficult to notice. Dye tests involve coloured dyes applied to pool basins. Once a pool pump is switched off water will sit still. At this point dyes can be strategically placed inside basins. Because dyes weigh more than pool water, they will be attracted to the vacuum created by leaks in the vinyl liner or cracks in concrete. 

Plumbing Leaks: Whether you are managing an above ground pool or an inground model, they both rely on plumbing and water systems. A pressure test makes it possible to track down even the trickiest leaks inside plumbing lines. This process involves applying a stream of consistent air flow applied to plumbing and return lines. If these come in contact with a leak it will produce air bubbles and in the case of underground leaks, saturated soil will make a gurgling sound. These can be tracked visually or using speciality listening equipment. 

Puddle Leak Detection Specialists: Getting the Best Results 

Expert Canadian leak detection is important both indoors and out but when it comes to pools, tracking water loss is serious business. Instead of stocking up on leak detection equipment or struggling to track down areas for water loss, trust an expert to locate leaks and isolate problem areas. By offering efficient and cost effective leak detection services, Puddle technicians are able to protect both homes and commercial properties throughout the Grimsby area. For the best service in Grimsby call a local Puddle technician. With options for booking by-phone or online, you have access to our team of experts 24 hours a day. 

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