Lambton Shores Water Feature Maintenance

When you are imaging your ideal outdoor space, there is probably a fountain. Landscape designers plan whole yards around water features but once they’ve packed their tools away it is up to property owners to maintain it. Keeping a fountain running smoothly takes time, energy and dedication and that can be a lot to keep up with. Don’t struggle to keep up with water systems when you can call Puddle for our Lambton Shores water feature maintenance instead. 

Fountain cleaning doesn’t just stop with water treatments but extends to surfaces, internal systems, filters and the water itself. If you start to notice stains, discolourations or algae growth forming on fountain structures it’ll take more than a bit of mild soap to get rid of them. Harsh cleaners or power tools can damage protective coatings or blast away aged or weakened materials. Instead of dealing with the fallout of a DIY disaster, let Puddle handle the heavy lifting for you. 

Water Fountain Cleaning: Tackling Even the Trickiest Areas 

Managing water fountains both indoors and outside can be complicated. Larger outdoor fountains might require you to wade into water when removing debris while taller fountains mean having to navigate higher tiers. Reaching the heights of a water fountain means either propping yourself up on a ladder or standing on slippery surfaces. In either case, one wrong move can result in serious injury. 

Outdoor water fountains and indoor wall fountains might have the same parts but they operate very differently. You might not have to deal with a ton of leaves or organic debris indoors but these models are still at risk of white scale and mineral deposits. It can take months or years to figure out how to properly treat the different aspects of water features and during the trial and error process a lot can go wrong. Luckily, local Puddle Pros provide efficient, reliable and affordable pool care that eliminates the trial and error and has your fountain running better than ever. 

It is easy to take note of contaminated water when it starts to go green but proper water feature care means diving below the water surface for a complete view of all of the water systems that keep it moving. When managing garden fountains you are left dealing with a ton of debris and that means a ton of buildup in filters. These need to be cleaned regularly but this isn’t always easy. The more clogged that a filter becomes the more of an impact that it will have one other components like outdoor fountain pumps. The additional step to clean the pump and fountain can help to keep things running smoothly, keep costs down and prolong the lifespan of systems. 

When you want to keep your fountain cleaner, it is a good idea to incorporate deep cleans into your annual maintenance program. This process involves having to drain the water from a fountain, acid washing concrete surfaces and scrubbing vinyl liners to remove stains. The water level can then be restored and chemical treatments can be applied. 

Puddle Water Fountain Care: The Best Results For Homes & Businesses 

Whether you are cleaning your fountain regularly or are looking for a one-time cleaning, local Puddle technicians are only a phone call away. After years of industry experience and on-going training, our team of Puddle Pros are able to handle fountains at the surface level, as well as the systems that are hard at work behind the scenes. By offering a range of service options Puddle crews can create an effective treatment plan designed to fit the needs of any shape, style or size of water feature. 

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