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At the height of summer your swimming pool is probably a pretty high traffic area but this will change as the temperatures start to drop. You probably aren’t thinking about diving into cold water when the weather starts to go cold but that doesn’t mean that your swim space isn’t in need of attention. Preparing your pool for the winter season isn’t as simple as throwing on a winter cover and hoping for the best. Expert Lambton Shores pool closing protects your pool from the winter weather and paves the way for an easier opening when spring comes back around. 

Fall Pool Care: What to Do & When 

When the average outdoor temperature reaches 15 degrees, it is time to close your pool for the off-season. Many pool owners decide to take the traditional route and shut water systems down following the September long weekend but this isn’t always the ideal time. Closing too early can mean missing out on the last warm days of spring while closing too late can mean freezing temperatures and unexpected damage. 

Sub-zero temperatures make plastic brittle and can cause water to freeze. When frozen, water will see up to 9% expansion and while that number might not seem high, it is enough to cause pipes to burst. There is never a good time for a pipe to burst but winter is particularly terrible. A proper closing service prevents freezing, reduces the risk of algae growth and eliminates the risk of drowned lawns and flooded basements. In order to get the best results for pool closings Puddle technicians break the process down into multiple steps. 

Step 1: When dealing with an inground pool the first step to any pool closing is to drop the water level so it falls a few inches below the skimmer line. This will prevent water from flowing into vulnerable places like internal water systems. Winterizing the drain plug is another way to prevent water from seeping inside. Flushing return lines is a great way to get water out. Dropping water levels means having to drain the water from your pool which can end horriblly if performed improperly so this is always best left to the experts. 

Step 2: Debris should be removed before closings. This means skimming out floating items, emptying skimmer baskets and using manual vacuums to suck up unwanted debris from even the hardest to reach areas. If not removed, these items will rot and break apart making them difficult to remove and can encourage algae growth. 

Step 3: Maintaining water chemistry is a top priority during the swim season but often takes a backseat when the weather gets cold. When heading into the fall season it is important to apply a series of winter chemicals. A seasonal chemical program is designed to prevent freezing and reduces the risk of algae growth. This means that when you want to open your pool in spring, it will be a quicker, easier process. 

Puddle Pool Closing Services: Protect Your Pool Throughout the Winter Season 

Puddle technicians pride themselves on keeping swim spaces in great shape, no matter the time of year. In addition to offering seasonal treatments like pool closings or openings, Puddle Pros are able to create customized cleaning programs that keep your pool water crystal clear and the pool filter flowing smoothly. Highly trained and experienced technicians are able to treat above ground pools, as well as inground models. 

In addition to great results, Puddle crews offer peace of mind through fully insured staff and services as well as affordable rates and transparent pricing so you are never surprised with a high bill. 

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