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There is no better feeling than being able to step outside your front door and into the summer sunshine and straight into a swimming pool. A backyard pool is a great way to stay active, host family and friends, and add value to your property whether you are looking to sell or staying put. For as many perks as there are to owning a pool, there is a ton of work that goes along with it. If you find yourself spending your leisure time cleaning your pool instead of swimming in it, call Puddle! Lambton Shores residential pool services keep water crystal clear, internal systems flowing and reduce running costs so you can enjoy your swim space to the fullest. 

It is easy to enjoy a public pool or take a dip in a hotel and then leave but managing swim spaces at home is a little more difficult. Anyone can visit a pool supply store to stock up on test strips, pool chemicals and tools but even a shed full of supplies doesn’t guarantee the right results. There is no shortcut to pool maintenance — unless you call Puddle, that is! 

Pool Care At Home: The Best Way to Get Results 

As a pool owner you are responsible for everyone that steps foot into your swim space. Maintaining a clean swimming pool should always be a top priority but when you are hosting friends and family or are presenting a rental unit for tenants, it is important to keep up with water treatments and cleanings to ensure that you are providing a safe space. Taking an amateur approach to pool care can lead to subpar results and the risk of recreational water illnesses. Ditch the risk with a multi-step approach to pool care. 

Keeping Water Clean: If you are starting to notice cloudy water, shocking the pool is the first step to restoring water condition but it isn’t the last. Sanitary water means balancing sanitizers like chlorine levels, as well as pH levels, total alkalinity and calcium. Properly balanced water not only keeps swimmers safe, it helps to prevent algae growth and contaminants. 

Ditch Debris: In an outdoor pool even a slight wind can dislodge tons of unwanted items from nearby plants. If not removed regularly floating items will rot and break apart, becoming smaller. Heavier items will sink to the bottom of the pool and sit against liners, causing permanent staining over time. This means needing to remove debris quickly and regularly. Instead of just flipping the switch on a pool vacuum properly removing unwanted items means using manual vacuums to manoeuvre complicated areas like corners and the areas around steps. It is also important to empty skimmer baskets regularly for a fully cleaned system. 

Cleaning Pool Filters: Debris and cloudy water are visible with the naked eye but when internal water systems are always hard at work behind the scenes — but they are easy to forget about. Filters collect small bits and pieces, holding them and preventing them from sneaking back into pool basins. If filters are clogged it is more difficult for water to pass through, which means using more energy, driving up utility bills and putting strain on pool pumps. Prevent a worst-case scenario by having an expert clean the filter regularly. Cartridge filters should be cleaned every 3-4 months while sand filters should have sand replaced every 3-5 years. 

Seasonal Treatments: As tough as it might be to keep up with a regular cleaning schedule seasonal care is even more difficult. Closing your pool for the off-season is not as simple as throwing on a winter cover and forgetting about it until spring. Cold weather can cause serious damage to internal water systems, structures and surrounding areas. Letting a Puddle technician drop the water level, winterize drain plugs and apply a winter chemical treatment can help to protect your swimming pool from the winter weather. In the same way that a proper closing can protect pools from the cold, a proper opening can help to protect swimmers from contamination and health risks. 

Residential Pool Care: Expert Care Brought Right to Your Door 

If you are in the market for clean water systems, a simple testing kit can’t get you there. Your local Puddle Pro isn’t your average pool cleaner. We understand that there are plenty of pool cleaning companies in the Lambton Shores area but our team of experts stand out from the competition — and it isn’t just the bright branding! Each member of the Puddle team is local to Lambton Shores and are familiar with the advantages and obstacles that your swimming pool is up against. 

By offering a range of service options including routine cleaning programs, seasonal care, deep cleans, pool inspections and pool leak detection, there is never a bad time to call a Puddle Pro. In addition to excellent results our team of experts provide affordable rates, transparent pricing and the peace of mind that goes along with fully insured staff and services. 

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