Saanich Water Feature Maintenance

Every home should have character. This can mean intriguing architecture, a funky colour scheme, or it can mean a water fountain. A great feature adds personalty to homes and businesses throughout the Saanich area, but how do you keep them clean? Whether you are installing a brand new water system or are taking over an existing one, it is important to know just what you are dealing with. Professional Saanich water feature maintenance programs keep water clean, systems flowing and protect against unnecessary damage.

Anyone can visit a garden centre or pool supply store for a few chemicals but water feature care is much more complex than that. If your fountain water is cloudy or you begin to notice mineral deposits or white scale, it isn’t enough to get rid of them, you have to know where they came from! After years of industry experience, our team of highly trained Puddle Pros can identify problem areas and build you a treatment program to match. From cold weather to the height of summer, our technicians get the best results, every time.

Water Fountain Cleaning: A Multi-Step Approach

Not all fountains will have the same needs. There are different risks to your water features depending on location, age, type, style and surrounding areas. For example, the most obvious issue facing a garden fountain is algae growth, while indoor models are more prone to white scale. When you want to clean your outdoor fountain, it often means covering a large surface area, as well as multiple tiers, which can be difficult to navigate. The higher your focus area, the more dangerous it is — so leave it to the professionals!

The key to keeping any water feature clean is to make sure that it is working properly. Sitting water is quick to contamination, so proper circulation is key to keeping water clean and flowing. Cleaning and inspecting your fountain regularly will help to ensure that all components and systems are in good condition and running smoothly.

Components inside fresh water fountains (distilled water) will often last longer than models using salt due to an increase in corrosion caused by salt. In either case, regular visuals inspections and testing, along with cleaning the pump and filters routinely will help to point out potential problems so they can be repaired quickly instead of having to be replaced later on.

Even with a routine water feature care plan, there will come a point where you will need to deep clean your system. If this is the case, a bit of white vinegar or mild soap will not be enough to get results. It all starts with draining your water. From here, surfaces can be acid washed, scrubbed and cleaned using specialized cleansers for the best possible results. An amateur approach to draining can lead to drowned lawns, water damage, rot and mold. If you are deep cleaning, it is best to leave the draining to the experts. Let our team of Puddle Pros handle everything from water levels, inspecting the fountain pump, lines and more to keep your fountain running smoothly.

Puddle Perks: Call An Expert For Your Water Fountain Care

There are plenty of pool care companies out there who offer to clean fountains, but our team of highly trained experts stand out from the rest. Puddle technicians are local to the Saanich area, so we understand seasonal cycles like high growth rates that can increase algae growth. Puddle crews also know how to handle mineral deposits and scale caused by hard water and we know how much pressure is put on outdoor water systems throughout the year. Don’t waste time on trial and error when you can have an expert handle your fountain properly in an efficient and affordable way.

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