Saanich Pool Inspections

When pools are in good working order, they add a lot to both homes and commercial properties. However, if pools are struggling they can cause widespread damage and the upkeep can be extremely expensive. If you are considering purchasing a new home with a pool, are selling a home with an existing swim space or are looking to maintain a pool, an inspection can help. Professional Saanich pool inspections test and assess various parts of swimming pools for a closer look at functionality and condition.

A pool, spa or hot tub can add a lot of value to a home or commercial space. The trouble is that with a swimming pool inspection, there is no way of knowing what sort of condition these features are in. A standard home inspection will focus on key components of a structure like roofing, electrical and foundations but they will almost never address pools. When you want to make sure that you are making a sound investment, are looking for peace of mind that your water systems are in good shape or make inspections a part of your annual pool care routine, our Puddle Pros can help!

Level I Pool Inspection Service: What to Expect

There are many types of inspection services on the market. When building a new home inspections will need to centre around construction, engineering and building permits. Purchasing extended insurance plans will often ask for an inspection of swimming pools, focused on structural integrity and risk. These are all great in their own industries but they often don’t look for whether or not a swimming pool is functional.

Level I pool inspections will focus on functionality and condition. This is done by inspecting and testing water, pool equipment, vinyl liners, safety features, diving boards, pool decks and surrounding areas.

Visual Inspections: Even if pools seem to be in good condition at first glance, there is a lot going on below the surface. A trained eye can spot issues both large and small. A small tear in a vinyl liner, for example, will become larger over time. These tears allow water to seep into sensitive areas, leading to damage and the need for expensive repairs and the possibility for foundation work. If a small tear is spotted early it can be repaired easily but as it grows can lead to the need for a full replacement.

Water Condition: No matter the type of pool that you are dealing with, cloudy or discoloured water is always a sign of trouble. In the event that this is a recurring issue, it might be an indicator that there is a problem with circulation systems. Stagnant water isn’t able to disperse chemicals in the right way, preventing them from cleaning water throughout the basin.

System Testing: If a household appliance stops working, it often doesn’t go unnoticed for very long but a pool heater can fly under the radar for quite a while. During an inspection, Puddle technicians will test filtration and circulation systems, heaters, pool pumps and more.

Level I Pool Inspections do not come with a written report and cannot be used for permitting or insurance purposes.

Puddle Pool Inspections: Trained Eyes & Peace of Mind

Whether you are looking to assess the condition of a swimming pool, hot tub, spa or water feature, each of these operate using a similar system. Filtration and circulation are key components in keeping water clean and flowing. If you are unfamiliar with how each part of a pool system works together, it is easy to overlook a bit of strain or a small break. A pool inspector will check up on components themselves, as well as how they work together.

By offering residential pool inspections for homes and commercial pool inspections for high traffic water systems, our team of Puddle technicians provide peace of mind and invaluable insight before a purchase, home sale or before a water system breaks down.

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