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In the height of summer or the first days of spring, nothing beats having a swimming pool right in your backyard. An accessible swim space is a great place to entertain, relax, and exercise — they even add value to your property! Every year, pool owners take a DIY approach to cleaning and maintenance only to end up with subpar results. Don’t spend your leisure time skimming, scrubbing and shopping for testing kits when you can call a Puddle Pro instead. Professional Saanich residential pool services keep water clean, systems flowing, reduce the risk of unexpected damage and prolong the lifespan of your water systems.

Unlike a public or commercial swim space, pool care at home means property owners are left to manage systems on their own. Without technical training, it can take years of trial and error to properly dial in a pool care program that works. During that time pool owners may experience algae growth, cloudy or discoloured water and even RWIs, or recreational water illnesses. Don’t struggle through trial and error when you can call an industry pro for great results the first time.

Residential Pool Care: How An Expert Can Help You

Water balance is about more than just chlorine levels. Any simple test kit can point out when sanitizer levels run low but correcting them means having knowledge of how to measure pH levels, alkalinity, calcium and more. Without balance, it won’t take long for your water to go cloudy, or even worse, green! Everything from water levels to the condition of your pool circulation system will play a role in its overall condition. Putting focus on one area alone will allow the others to slip and even a bit of neglect can lead to a ripple effect.

To get the best results for your customers, Puddle technicians offer treatment plans that are catered to the unique needs of your water system. By covering basins, equipment and internal mechanisms, we keep pools in the best possible condition.

Pool Water: If your pool water has gone cloudy, it will take more than a quick shock to your pool to get it back to being sanitary. Even if water looks clear, without proper testing there is no way to confirm whether or not water is fit to swim in. When pool chemicals are imbalanced, it is a stress on equipment and components, as well as anyone swimming inside. Water testing by an expert identifies issues with sanitizer levels, as well as pH levels, alkalinity, calcium and necessary chemical levels.

Pool Equipment & Mechanisms: Whether you are dealing with a pool, hot tub or water fountain, sitting water becomes contaminated quickly. With water circulating, chemicals and water treatments are being dispersed throughout the entire basin, ensure water is being cleaned properly. A faulty pool pump can lead to serious issues with your water quality. Having a professional pool maintenance program means technicians test and run the pump to make sure everything is working as it should be. Technicians also keep an eye on filtration systems. No matter the type of pool filter that you are working with, our Puddle Pros can check and clean cartridge filters, as well as monitor pressure gauges to determine if sand needs to be emptied and replaced.

Remove Debris: When you want to keep your pool cleaner, getting rid of debris is an important first step. There is nothing appealing about stepping foot into a swimming pool that is full of leaves, sticks, pinecones, band-aids and other unpleasant items. Flipping the switch on a pool vacuum is a great start to getting rid of sunken debris but this is not enough to keep pools clean. Calling Puddle technicians for your pool cleaning needs means skimming floating items from pool surfaces, vacuuming up items from the bottom of the pool, emptying skimmer baskets, as well as scrubbing sides and steps with telescopic poles.

The Puddle Guarantee: Top-Notch Pool Care Right At Your Front Door

Each member of the Puddle team is local to the Saanich area, so we understand how to treat your water systems. By offering treatment plans for pools, hot tubs or both, Puddle technicians keep properties looking their best. Many property owners try to DIY their pool services but this often ends up in disaster. Without technical training, it is easy to overlook a small tear in a liner or a crack in a return line and this has a ripple effect throughout entire systems. Ditch DIY treatments and the added expense and stress that comes along with them by calling a Puddle technician today.

Puddle technicians are highly trained, experienced and fully insured to provide peace of mind, as well as excellent results. By providing options for weekly services during the summer, as well as bi-weekly programs during the off-season, our experts keep pools looking their best all year long.

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