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Throughout Saanich, pools are present in homes, hotels, and commercial spaces. Each of these bring a bit of personality and fun to a property but they do not come without a lot of hard work. If you are dreaming of afternoons spent poolside in the sunshine, don’t let skimming, scrubbing and chemical treatments put a damper on your enjoyment. Professional Saanich pool cleaning keeps water crystal clear and flowing smoothly, so you can kick back, relax and enjoy your backstroke.

Whether indoors or outside, swimming pools are complicated structures. In addition to the parts that you can see, there are whole systems working behind the scenes. Anyone can apply pool chemicals but balancing water chemistry is more difficult. From removing debris, cleaning pool filters, testing pool pumps and more, our highly trained and experienced Puddle Pool technicians are here to help.

The Benefits of Routine Pool Cleaning Services

Keeping up with the demands of a high traffic swim space can feel impossible, particularly with an already busy schedule. It is easy to lose track of your pool condition in the daily shuffle but even a bit of neglect can cause a ripple effect throughout water systems. When you want to keep your water clean, systems flowing, and filters filtering, just call our Puddle Pros for a multi-step approach to proper pool cleaning.

Water Balance: A balanced pool is a clean pool. Cloudy or discoloured water creates a bad visual but it is also a risk to health and safety. Anyone stepping foot into contaminated water is at risk of recreational water illnesses. These illnesses can be anything from skin irritations, ear infections, stomach upset and, in severe cases, even e-coli poisoning. Simple test strips are often used to monitor chorine levels but there is more to water chemistry than just that. Having water tested by an expert means measuring pH levels, alkalinity, calcium and more.

Following Up on Pool Filters: Pool filters are designed to trap and hold debris. Lighter items that float along water surfaces will becoming trapped in skimmer baskets and small bits and pieces of debris will be caught up in either cartridge filters or sand filters. When either of these become full, it is time to remove and clean filters or replace sand. Keeping these in good order helps to keep water clean and systems running smoothly.

Ditch Debris: Whether you have an outdoor pool or an inground model, pools and hot tubs are prone to debris buildup. Lighter items float along water surfaces, becoming stuck in skimmer baskets, while heavier bits and pieces will often sink to the bottom of the pool where they will sit against liners, leaving stains behind. These stains will have a negative effect on curb appeal and can become permanent, leading to the need for an expensive pool replacement. A robotic pool cleaner can help to provide a bit of superficial relief but more often than not, these will push dirt and debris into corners. Standard pool vacuums are not able to dig into corners, leaving areas where bacteria and contaminants grow.

It is easy to shock your pool water to clear a bit of cloudiness but maintenance doesn’t stop there. When you want to make sure that your filtration system is in good shape and sanitizer levels are where they should be, just call a Puddle Pro!

Puddle Pool Services: Top Results For Homes & Businesses

Anyone can visit a pool supply store for basic testing kits but just because this is not enough to create a sanitary swim space. Pool maintenance doesn’t stop at chlorine levels alone but extends all throughout your water systems. Professional pool care caters to the needs of your systems inside and out. From chemical balance, debris removal, eliminating algae and more, there is nothing that our experts can’t handle.

Instead of offering a single treatment plan, our Puddle Pros create a custom pool care schedule according to your needs. During the summer, high heats, high traffic and high growth rates for plants all play a role in your water chemistry. Instead of having to apply small amounts of chemicals every day, trust a treatment plan that works on a weekly basis. For commercial spaces, more frequent cleaning and water balancing is available.

Each member of the Puddle team is local to the Saanich area, so we know exactly what your water systems are up against. Puddle crews are also fully insured to protect staff, services and surroundings areas. For excellent results, peace of mind and friendly customer service, call your local Puddle Pro.

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