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The minute that the weather starts to get warm in the District of Saanich, residents and tourists alike want to get outside! While the first days of spring might be spent hiking, as soon as the average temperature hits 21 degrees, it is time to open up pools. The swim season should be spent doing the backstroke, getting some exercise, or hosting family and friends, not spending all of your time swimming, vacuuming and water balancing. Professional Saanich pool opening services set you up for summer with clean and sanitary swim spaces at an affordable rate.

When you want to restore your swimming pool to its pre-winter glory, it is important to treat not only pool water but water systems, equipment and surrounding areas as well. In an ideal world you could pull back a pool cover as soon as the weather was warm and dive on in. Unfortunately, diving into contaminated pool water can have a serious impact on your health and safety. Instead of taking a risk, call a Puddle technician for efficient and affordable spring pool care services.

Spring Pool Care: The Best Way to Open Up For Spring

Unlike a simple bathtub, a swimming pool can’t be drained and refilled every time that water gets dirty. You might be able to fill an empty pool with a simple garden hose but keeping water clean is a complicated process. When opening up for the season you are likely going to pull back your pool cover to see algae growth, leaves and debris, alongside cloudiness or discolouration. If your pool is looking more like a swamp than a swim space, let our Puddle Pros apply a multi-step approach to get it clean and running again.

Water Care: If your water has been sitting stagnant for months on end, a standard pool chemical application is not enough to get it clear. A bit of shock might provide a superficial improvement but it is not enough to make water sanitary again. Having water tested by an expert ensures that you are not diving into contaminated water and that chlorine, alkalinity and pH levels are all where they should be. It is also important to make sure that if water levels were dropped during closings, they should be refilled for proper circulation.

Pool Equipment: During a closing, there are certain protective steps taken to protect areas of your pool system. Winterizing plugs is common practice but it is important to open them back up again in spring. An opening should also involve a visual inspection of different components like the pool pump and return lines to make sure that no cracks or breakage occurred over the winter.

Debris Removal: Removing unwanted items is a major part of cleaning the pool, especially after an off-season. Experts skim surfaces, vacuum up sunken items, scrub away residue and empty skimmer baskets until there is no debris left behind.

Puddle Pool Services: Opening Pools With Ease All Across Saanich

Local Puddle technicians are able to get excellent results for pool openings at home or in commercial spaces. Our team of highly trained experts help homeowners and property managers make the most out of the spring and summer seasons. Balancing your pool water is common practice while a swimming pool is up and running but getting it ready to go is complicated. A proper pool opening can’t be done in a day so it is important to call a Puddle Pro before the height of summer. Call an expert for efficient and affordable pool opening services.

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