Saanich Hot Tub Maintenance

There is no better way to cut the chill of an evening than taking a soak in a hot tub. Having access to a hot tub or swim spa increases enjoyment at home, encourages guests in a retail space and even has added health benefits. If you are installing a new water system, an empty shell can be filled up using a simple garden hose but from there, keeping these clean requires routine cleaning and care. Whether you are looking to create a treatment plan for new or existing spas, our Puddle Pros are here to help! Professional Saanich hot tub maintenance keeps water clean and flowing, protects systems from damage and lets you kick back and relax.

Hot tub care does not stop at water condition alone. You wouldn’t swim in someone else’s bathwater but if water systems begin to fail, that is exactly what you are doing. Keeping your system in good working order means maintaining water chemistry, as well as monitoring filtration systems, removing debris, scrubbing away residue and testing internal systems. If this seems like a lot — that’s because it is! Instead of struggling to keep up with the needs of your hot tub or spa, call an expert to handle the heavy lifting for you!

The Importance of Routine Hot Tub Cleaning: Curb Appeal & Keeping Healthy

Hot tubs and swimming pools are great additions to any property but they can be demanding. Any pool supply store will sell test strips, sanitizers like chlorine or bromine, and even spa covers. All of these tools are incredibly useful but only if you know how to use them. Without balanced chemical levels spa water can begin to develop algae or white mold and poses serious health risks. Recreational water illnesses will range from skin irritations, ear and eye infections, digestive issues and even e-coli poisoning in serious cases.

Routine Cleaning & Maintenance: When it comes to cleaning hot tubs, consistency is key! Cleaning your system sporadically or once a month will result in imbalanced hot tub water and will likely leave germs lurking out in lines and around jets, headrests and other areas. When you want to keep your hot tub cleaner, a routine treatment plan can help! Puddle technicians arrive on-scene, test and balance water, remove debris, scrub shells and water lines and ensure that circulation systems keep water flowing smoothly.

Hot Tub Refresh Services: In addition to regularly scheduled cleaning, it is important to make sure that you are performing deep cleans on hot tubs and spas. System refreshes involve the additional step to drain and refill water so all areas can be reached and properly cleaned. During this process, Puddle technicians apply a specialized chemical program that travels through systems to flush the lines, loosening and pulling out built-up bacteria. From here, it is time to drain the hot tub. Shells can only be thoroughly scrubbed when there isn’t water inside the hot tub. Once cleaned, basins can be refilled and water is balanced, considering sanitizer levels, pH levels, alkalinity and calcium.

Puddle Pool Services: Expert Hot Tub Cleaning in Saanich

As a hot tub owner, you want to have your water systems flowing as smoothly as possible. Whether in a swimming pool, hot tub or swim spa, maintaining a sanitary swim space should always be a top priority. After years of industry experience, our team of Puddle technicians have turned hot tub cleaning into a science. With a range of service options, you can choose the program that works best for you. Residential hot tubs can be serviced on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule while commercial spaces can be much more frequent than that.

Safe practices are always a primary focus for our Puddle crews. Forgetting to turn off the power to water systems, for example, can lead to unexpected damage and even a little shock. Anytime that water and electricity are in the same place, you can never be too careful. Puddle technicians are local to your area, so they understand how the elements and other community factors will impact your water. Ditch the trial and error and have a local expert handle your hot tub care.

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