Kelowna Water Feature Maintenance

There are distinct differences between caring for a garden fountain and an indoor fountain. You almost expect to spot algae growth in an outdoor water fountain but when you cross the threshold indoors, it should be smooth sailing for your water feature. When you want the best for your fountain, call a Puddle Pool Pro for your Kelowna water feature maintenance.

Even a bit of neglect can leave your fountain not only looking awful, but it can have a negative impact on other aspects of your feature as well. Discoloured water, terrible smells and white scale buildup are all easily avoidable with professional care and maintenance. Trying to tackle your water feature cleaning with a bit of mild soap, soft cloth or even a pressure washer can lead to serious damage. 

Water Feature Care: Getting To Know Your Fountain

A fountain looks great, but these well-lit show pieces are anything but simple. In addition to the parts that you can see, you are also dealing with fountain pumps, filters and motors. In order to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on systems, it is important to keep debris to a minimum and ensure that your circulation system is fully functional.

Water fountain care should be catered to the unique needs of your system. Outdoor fountain pumps, for example need to be treated differently than interior versions. Attempting to clean the pump from your system without the right technical knowledge can result in unintentional damage and the need for costly repairs.

When you begin to notice bad smells or algae buildup, you can’t just cover the fountain and save treatments for another day. With every day that goes by, bacteria spreads, taking over water surfaces and spreading to surrounding areas. Indoor fountains are also prone to mineral deposits and white scale buildup. Part of regular fountain maintenance is inspecting both the visible and behind-the-scenes parts of your fountain.

Even if you clean your fountain regularly, there will come a time when your water system needs a deep clean. This often means having to drain the water from a fountain, properly cleaning structures with a customized treatment plan that removes algae and stains without damaging age or weakened materials. 

Choosing Puddle Pool Services For Your Fountain Care

When it is time to clean your fountain, it is highly recommended that you rely on an expert for those in-depth cleanings. Whether managing a wall fountain or a large, free standing structure, proper inspection is key to catching potential problems and fixing these issues before they lead to widespread damage.

When you hire professional water fountain cleaning services, they not only help to keep your system running smoothly, not only managing function but appearance as well. Not all fountains run using distilled water, so it is important to keep an eye on what types of chemicals are necessary for your unique system. From fresh water, distilled water and even salt water, it is important to care for your water feature in the most appropriate way possible.

After years in the industry, our experts are able to reach areas all throughout your fountain, from the inner-workings to surface areas. From great results to peace of mind, trust a Puddle Pool Pro to treat fountains around hotels, casinos, apartment buildings, condo complexes and beyond. Puddle technicians can treat any type of water feature, inside and out. When you want to remove debris, monitor water levels, and keep your system working properly, just call a local Puddle Pro. In addition to being highly trained and experienced, each member of the team is fully insured to provide peace of mind, as well as great results, all at an affordable rate. 

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