Kelowna Pool Leak Detection

Kelowna has beautiful summers and there is no better way to enjoy them than sitting poolside. An accessible swimming pool means being able to relax, exercise and host a killer party but a leak can bring the swim season to a screeching halt. Swimming pool leaks will ruin your water chemistry, increase water loss and cause damage to surrounding areas. Don’t let a leak ruin your summer when you can call a Puddle Pro for your Kelowna pool leak detection services. 

You wouldn’t hesitate to call a plumber after you find a leak in your home but swimming pools often don’t get the same amount of attention. In fact, by the time you really notice a leak in your pool, it has probably been going on for a while. A smart home system can inform you about plenty of issues around your home or commercial space but they don’t alert you to a leak. Luckily, you have local Puddle Pros for that! 

Leak Detection in Pools: Tracking Down Your Problem Areas 

Swimming pool leak detection is a complicated process. In an inground pool, leaks can happen underground where they are difficult to see, while above ground pools will often lead to drowned lawns in the surrounding area. There are plenty of areas around a swimming pool that are prone to leaks, including structures, plumbing and equipment. 

One of the most difficult parts of leak detection is identifying the leak in the first place. It is normal to lose several inches of water over the course of the week, especially during the high heats of the summer. There is a big difference between losing 3-5 inches of water over the course of the week and losing that much in a day! If you find yourself having to constantly refill your water levels, it might be time for leak detection. 

If pool owners are having a hard time deciphering whether or not pools are leaking, they might lean on the results of a bucket test. This process involves taking a bucket of pool water and setting it next to swimming pools so the two are exposed to the same conditions. If the rate of water loss is significantly lower in the pool than it is in the bucket, you are dealing with a leak. Other signs of a leak are higher water bills and, less commonly, pooling water around lawns and near pool areas. 

Because water leaks can happen in many areas, it is important to have the tools and techniques to track these down, wherever they may be. A pressure test is best used for locating leaks in plumbing lines. This process involves applying a consistent stream of air flow to plumbing and return lines. If these air streams encounter a leak or crack they will create air bubbles that can be tracked down. If leaks are underground and water is saturated, it will produce a gurgling sound that can be followed using specialty listening equipment. A dye test is best suited for tracking down structural leaks. A dye test involves turning off the pool pump so water becomes still. From there, coloured dyes are placed strategically throughout the basin. If water is seeping out, dye will be drawn to the areas so it can be tracked. 

The Puddle Guarantee: Expert Water Leak Detections Services in Kelowna 

More than being inconvenient when you have to add water, a structural or plumbing leak in a pool can lead to serious issues in the surrounding area. As water seeps out of pools it will displace soil, shifting weight from the intended areas and putting strain on vulnerable areas that will eventually lead to breakage. Instead of waiting for the worst case scenario, call a local expert to identify your leak, isolate the problem area and help to organize reliable leak repair. 

Each member of the Puddle team is not only highly trained and experienced, they are also fully insured. If you are in the market for expert leak detection, excellent customer service and peace of mind, just call a Puddle technician for efficient and affordable services. 

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