Kelowna Hot Tub Maintenance

No matter the time of year, stepping into a hot tub is a great way to relax but only if you’ve kept the water clean! It is easy to put down a hot tub cover and forget to care for your feature but even a bit of neglect can lead to serious trouble, both for fixtures and personal health.

Professional care not only helps to maintain water balance but can protect the overall condition of your appliance and that is what makes proper Kelowna hot tub maintenance so important. When it comes to high traffic swimming pools or hot tubs, deep cleaning is a necessity but so is monitoring circulation systems and filters.

The Difference Between Hot Tub Cleaning & Hot Tub Maintenance

When it comes time to refill your hot tub, a simple garden hose won’t cut it. Just because a tub is full doesn’t mean that it is ready to use. Proper sanitizers like chlorine or bromine are necessary to eliminating bacteria and creating a sanitary environment for those users looking to relax and unwind. Without proper water balance, water features can quickly develop algae and other bacteria which can lead to illnesses and degrading of materials.

A standard deep clean can mean having to drain the hot tub (fully or more commonly, partially) and scrubbing sides with specialized cleaning products such as cleansers and brushes. The most common times for a drain and clean are during closing and opening procedures but in order to maintain a clean space, it requires much more than just that.

Regular cleaning might mean working with sanitizers and water treatments but when you really want to care for your system, maintenance is a must. More than just focusing on spa water, it is important to consider hot tub filters, circulation systems, other equipment and motors. Without a trained eye, it does not take long for systems to become overrun and lead to the need for costly repairs or replacements. Instead of shelling out hundreds or thousands of dollars, focus your attention on expert maintenance services.

Avoid DIY Disaster

At a surface level, taking time to clean the filter of your hot tub doesn’t seem so bad but an improper technique can mean serious trouble. Pool and spa owners might be experienced in basic cleanings but some things are bound to slip their minds. Even something as simple as forgetting to turn the power off can mean a serious issue.

When you call professional pool services for your hot tub cleaning service, you will never have to remember to the clean the filters, treat your line, flush your system or cut power to the hot tub itself. When you are ready to keep your hot tub cleaner, over longer periods, our Puddle Pool crews are ready to make a splash around your home, commercial property, hotel or even recreation centre.

Calling in Puddle Pool Crews

Don’t wait until your hot tub water begins to look grimy when there is an experienced Puddle Pool crew right around the corner. Fully insured staff are able to provide expert results and peace of mind for property owners. Regular cleaning can be performed weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly, in order to accommodate both high traffic spaces and less busy environments.

From standard surface cleans to deep cleanings and inspections, there is nothing that our crews can’t handle. Whether you are caring for your tub in the middle of the season or are looking to open and close your water feature, trust the pros at Puddle Pools.

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