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A clean and inviting swim space can add a lot to any home or commercial property, from curb appeal, enjoyment and overall value. Being able to kick back poolside means making the most out of the summer season but this is only possible when swimming pools are clean! Dirty pools not only look awful, they are a serious health and safety hazard, so let our technicians keep your swim space clean! Professional Kelowna pool cleaning services ditch debris, balance water, and keep your system running smoothly. 

Swimming pools might seem simple from afar but the closer you get, the more complicated these water systems become. Keeping water clean is not as simple as tossing in a chlorine puck and hoping for the best and removing debris isn’t as easy as flipping the switch on an automatic pool cleaner. When you want the best results, call a local Puddle Pro for all of your pool care needs. 

The Best Way to Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean 

Every year, pool owners try to take cleaning and maintenance into their own hands only to end up with subpar results. It is easy to assume that shocking the pool is enough to clear away cloudy water and restore condition but this isn’t the case. When you want to create a safe and sanitary swim space, cleaning and care needs to be a multi-step approach that addresses many different levels of your swimming pool. 

Throughout the Okanagan Valley your pool is always up against the elements. This means having to constantly skim water surfaces, scrub residue from sides and vacuum sunken debris from the bottom of the pool. A standard pool vacuum is not designed to dig into corners, hard angles or manage tight areas around stairs. In this case, there are areas that are susceptible to bacteria buildup, discolouration and even algae. Speciality tools are required to reach these areas. 

A simple testing kit might point out basic issues with chlorine levels but often do not focus on other key aspects of water chemistry. Imbalance in sanitizers and chemicals can mean unwanted growth and bacteria, leading to not only damage but to recreational water illnesses or RWIs. The term RWI covers everything from skin irritations, ear infections, eye infections, digestive issues and in extreme cases, e-coli poisoning.Water balancing should include monitoring chlorine and sanitizer levels, as well as calcium, pH and alkalinity levels. 

A pool filter is one of the most important parts of a water system but they are often overlooked. By making filtration care a part of your regular maintenance routine you can keep water clean and alleviate strain on your system. A cartridge filter can be removed, cleaned and replaced every couple of months and sand filters will need to have sand removed and replaced every few years. 

What Can Professional Care Do For You?

No matter the type of pool that you are dealing with, maintenance is no joke! It requires a big time commitment, manual labour and an understanding of every aspect of not only how your system works, but your environment as well. Local pool specialists are able to address obvious issues as well as more subtle ones. From when to run your pool pump, when to change or clean filters, measure pH levels down to the parts per million and emptying out skimmer baskets, our Puddle technicians can handle it all! 

Water care has a huge impact on the overall condition of your pool but it can be tough to keep up with necessary cleaning. Hiring a professional means proper water testing and treatment through chemicals and sanitizers but it also means caring for pool equipment and filtration systems. Having a trained eye on your pool also means the opportunity for early leak detection, protecting your structures. In short, there is no downside to proper care from a seasoned professional.

Puddle Pool Services: Getting Into The Nitty-Gritty

All across Kelowna, BC property owners are having to manage pools of all shapes and sizes. From an automatic cover, to pool vacuums and filters, it is important to understand exactly how to deal with each of these. A good filter and circulation system is the key to keeping a pool clean but they certainly aren’t nice to clean. If you do not want to get your hands dirty, leave it to an expert.

After years in the industry, pool services are second nature for our pool technicians. We have seen it all and have a way to fix it! Fully insured pool services provide peace of mind to property owners. Protecting your home or business is as simple as organizing weekly pool services for high traffic areas, or bi-weekly and monthly services for lesser used pools. From vinyl liner pools to tile and concrete, there is nothing that our experienced Puddle Pros can’t handle.

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