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A pool or water feature is an amazing addition to any property. The sound of running water around a fountain can be relaxing while a backyard pool is a great way to stay in shape. Whether at home or in a hotel, rental or commercial environment a pool and spa can add value to any property – as long as they are kept clean!

Even a bit of neglect can mean serious trouble for swimming pools and hot tubs but our Puddle crews can help! From weekly maintenance to monthly care, our highly trained technicians can help to protect your pool liner, pool heaters, perform pressure testing and keep even the most complex system running smoothly! If you aren’t sold on Kelowna pool cleaning services, let us tell you some of the benefits of professional care.

What Can Professional Care Do For You?

No matter the size of your water feature, pool maintenance is no joke! It requires a big time commitment, manual labour and an understanding of every aspect of not only how your system works, but your environment as well.

Throughout the Okanagan Valley, pool, spa and water features are always up against the elements. Having thriving plant life and a ton of organics floating around your space makes the need for pool chemicals more important than ever. Imbalance in sanitizers and chemicals can mean unwanted growth and bacteria, leading to not only damage but to recreational water illnesses or RWIs.

Water care has a huge impact on the overall condition of your pool but it can be tough to keep up with necessary cleaning. Hiring a professional means proper water testing and treatment through chemicals and sanitizers  but it also means caring for pool equipment and filtration systems. Having a trained eye on your pool also means the opportunity for early leak detection, protecting your structures. In short, there is no downside to proper care from a seasoned professional.

Puddle Pool Services: Getting Into the Nitty-Gritty

All across Kelowna, B.C.. property owners are having to manage pools of all shapes and sizes. From an automatic cover, to pool vacuums and filters, it is important to understand exactly how to deal with each of these. A good filter and circulation system is the key to keeping a pool clean but they certainly aren’t nice to clean. If you do not want to get your hands dirty, leave it to an expert.

After years in the industry, pool services are second nature for our pool technicians. We have seen it all and have a way to fix it! Fully insured pool services provide peace of mind to property owners. Protecting your home or business is as simple as organizing weekly pool services for high traffic areas, or bi-weekly and monthly services for lesser used pools. From vinyl liner pools to tile and concrete, there is nothing that our experienced Puddle Pros can’t handle.

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