Kelowna Seasonal Pool Maintenance

Unlike other parts of Canada, the Okanagan Valley experiences every season, often at in extremes. The damp cold of Fall might come on unexpectedly, leaving your pool cover frosty and your liners at risk. Whether you are looking to open up or close down, our team of Puddle Pool experts can help get your pool prepped with a little Kelowna seasonal pool maintenance.

Proper care for a swimming pool and spa means in-depth pool cleaning, from water testing to flushing lines, cleaning filters and inspecting pool equipment along the way. A trained eye can also help with regular leak detection, protecting the condition of your water feature, no matter the time of year.

Seasonal Pool Services: When to Call

When gauging the needs of pools and hot tubs, it is important to understand what makes your water feature tick. From a pool heater to which pool chemicals you should use, there is a lot to learn! Instead of wasting time and effort on trial and error, let a professional handle the heavy lifting for you.

When you contact a Puddle Pool Pro, our team of highly trained staff are able to help create a schedule for your unique space. From wading pools in recreation centres to swim spas in backyards, or large features in hotel and multi-unit housing environments, there is nothing that our highly-trained crews can’t handle.

Closing a Pool: It is a common misconception that throughout the Okanagan Valley, pool, spa and other water features need to be fully emptied when closing down for the season. Emptying pool water improperly can lead to flooded surrounding areas and drowned lawns. By lowering levels and shocking water, and inspecting pumps and filters, systems are protected throughout the cold season.

Opening a Pool: If you have lowered water levels during closing, it is important to refill them when opening up your system. From here, a round of pool chemicals and sanitizers must be applied to balance water chemistry. Proper water care can help to prevent bacteria and algae from forming and prevent RWIs or recreational water illnesses.

Calling in Puddle Pool Pros

If you are looking for seasonal pool maintenance services in Kelowna B.C., there is one phone call that you need to make: to Puddle Pools! Our fully insured team is able to treat and protect even the trickiest of places, while providing peace of mind to customers.

When you are ready for great results for your home, commercial space, hotels or rec centres, there is always a Puddle Pool expert in your area. With services available on a recurring basis or one-time call out, you can protect your pool wherever, whenever.

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