Kelowna Seasonal Pool Maintenance

British Columbia might have relatively mild winters compared to the rest of Canada but that doesn’t mean that we don’t deal with cold! The Okanagan experiences every season, often in extremes! Cold winters will come on fast and spring is known to start early so it is important to make sure that your swimming pool is ready for anything. Throughout Kelowna, seasonal pool maintenance protects pools through winter and helps to make the most out of the warmer months. 

It is no secret that swimming pools get the most attention throughout the summer season. There is no better way to beat the heat than a quick dip in a clean and inviting pool and that goes for both homes and businesses! As the pool season comes to an end, it is important to winterize your pool to avoid damage caused by cold temperatures. As temperatures start to warm, spring pool care and openings are key to restoring water condition after months of sitting idle. It is easy to get wrapped up in changing leaves and weather-proofing homes going into the fall season, so book your seasonal pool care in advance for peace of mind and great results. 

Seasonal Pool Care: When To Call

It is important to clean your pool no matter the time of year but a changing of the seasons is a multi-step approach. After months of off-season, there is likely a ton of debris inside your pool basin and just turning on a pool vacuum isn’t enough to get rid of all this. Instead of trying to predict freezing temperatures, or struggling to remove months worth of debris, trust an expert with your thorough and efficient seasonal pool services. 

Closing a Pool: It is a common misconception that throughout the Okanagan Valley, pool, spa and other water features need to be fully emptied when closing down for the season. Emptying pool water improperly can lead to flooded surrounding areas and drowned lawns. By lowering levels, shocking water, and inspecting pumps and filters, systems are protected throughout the cold season.

Opening a Pool: No one wants to pull back their winter pool cover to find their pool looking more like a swamp than a swim space. A pool opening involves not only treating water but undoing everything that was done on closing. This means having to restore any components that were detached to avoid freezing, restoring water levels, shocking the pool, removing debris and heavy scrubbing of walls. During this time it is also important to inspect the filtration system. A pool filter is key to keeping water clean and sanitary so they should be cleaned regularly. 

Calling In Puddle Pool Pros

When you contact a Puddle Pool Pro, our team of highly trained staff are able to help create a schedule for your unique space. From wading pools in recreation centres to swim spas in backyards, or large features in hotels and multi-unit housing environments, there is nothing that our highly trained crews can’t handle.

If you are looking for spring or fall pool care in Kelowna BC, there is one phone call that you need to make: to Puddle Pools! Our fully insured team is able to treat and protect even the trickiest of places, while providing peace of mind to customers.

When you are ready for great results for your home, commercial space, hotels or rec centres, there is always a Puddle Pool expert in your area. With services available on a recurring basis or one-time call out, you can protect your pool wherever, whenever. In addition to seasonal care, Puddle offers swimming pool maintenance all year long, from routine cleanings, service calls, inspections, leak detection and more. Ditch the test kit and call an expert today! 

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