Squamish Water Feature Maintenance

Every spring, homeowners are quick to clean out drawers and closets in favour of a fresh, more organized start — but what about your fountain? It is not uncommon for a water feature to go years without a thorough cleaning. Failing to clean your fountain will leave it not only looking worse for the wear, but can cause structural and mechanical issues that often lead to damage and expensive repairs. Calling a Puddle technician for your Squamish water feature maintenance means boosting your visual appeal, protecting your fountain and eliminating the risk of unnecessary damage. 

It can take years to fully understand your water system, and a ton of equipment to keep up with the needs of your fountain and its circulation system. Instead of spending your evenings and weekends learning how to care for your fountain, have an expert do it for you. By calling a professional for your water fountain cleaning, you are not only improving its visuals, you are prolonging the lifespan of your materials. Debris, algae growth, mineral deposits, and scale can all play a role in the overall condition of your water system. 

The Advantages of Professional Water Fountain Care

There are plenty of reasons to keep water features clean, not the least of which is helping property owners stick to their budgets. Unlike a hot tub, your fountain likely isn’t heated in the winter time, making it important to prep your systems for a sharp drop in temperature, months of cold weather and snowfalls. A change in temperature can be particularly risky for an outdoor water fountain. 

Changing leaves might be pretty to look at it, but they sure aren’t fun to pick out of a water fountain. As much as you might try to remove debris and keep on top of things, you can’t be everywhere at once — but our Puddle Pros can! From dropping your water level to dismantling outdoor fountain pumps, or even taking the additional step to cover the fountain, there is nothing that our team of pros can’t handle. 

In addition to necessary seasonal deep cleans, it is important to incorporate regular cleaning as a part of your standard routine. By doing this, you not only ensure that your fountain is in great shape visually, but structurally as well. Caring for a water feature means keeping an eye on surfaces, but also on the inner-workings, such as the water pump, motor, filters and more. If you intend to drain your fountain for the cold season, it might be a good idea to remove the pump to prevent damage, but this requires some skill. Keep your fountain running smoothly all year long by calling an expert for your regular water feature care practices, as well as one-time service call-outs.

Water Fountain Cleaning: Great Technique, Excellent Customer Service and Fantastic Results 

There is never a bad time to call a Puddle Pro for your water care. Whether you are looking to drain the water, scrub stains, or just treat cloudy water, our experts can help. Without routine cleaning, your wall fountain might have a murky look or a foul smell but Puddle crews will have your system running crystal clear, like distilled water. 

Whether you have a simple wall fountain, or a larger stand alone model, our team of experts can always help. Our crews have all of the necessary equipment and skill to treat features in residential, commercial, communal and hospitality-based properties. For fully insured, locally owned and operated services, all with competitive pricing, call Puddle Pool Services today. 

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